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List of Scholarship Application Documents Required | Helpful Checklist Opportunity Desk

Do You Know Which Documents are Necessary For Applying for a Scholarship? If you have no idea, I will Let You know about the necessary Documents for applying for a Scholarship. Some of the Documents that are needed to apply for a Scholarship are the same as if you applied for a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. You know to apply for a scholarship, you should need an excellent Academic Record. So Be Ready! To apply for a scholarship and get the Opportunity to meet with other nations. 

The most important thing you need to consider is that you should need to contact an advisor from the university where you wish to apply (or already applied) for a scholarship and get more info about the scholarship. So, in this way, maybe you will get a chance at a scholarship. Also, contact university professors for scholarship recommendations.  

Some of the important documents you require for applying for a scholarship application:

1# Complete the Scholarship Application Form

In the 1st step, you need to fill out the application form.

2# Attested Copies of All Higher Education Transcripts/Diplomas

To apply for a scholarship, you need the transcript of all High School, College, &Universities transcripts & Degrees. Those Documents must be Attested in your country. In case, your documents are in another language, make sure to get a translation of those documents if you are applying for a Fully Funded Scholarship or Admission abroad. 

3# Copy of Passport or National ID Card

You will need a valid passport that must be valid for at least 6 months after your application submission or sometimes you have the option to submit a scanned copy of the national ID card.

4# English Proficiency Letter 

An English proficiency letter contains a clear statement by the writer that certifies the individual in question possesses sufficient English skills.

5# Statement of Purpose or Motivational Letter

The statement of purpose includes one page, including up to 400 words. In this statement,  you need to explain why you applied for the chosen degree, your career goals and future goals.  In this statement of purpose or letter of motivation, it’s important to write correct and legal information and should be honest. Also, you need to explain your qualities and how these fit with the degree you selected.

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6# Recommendation Letter (1, 2 or 3 as required)

Mostly, you just need 1 recommendation letter, but in some cases, you need 2 or 3 recommendation letters to apply for the scholarship. That letter gives more about your qualities, skills, and intellectual capacity and also shows your desire for the degree course or how you choose the university. The recommendation letter should only come from one of your teachers/lecturers or employer that supervised your work or the volunteer work.

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7# CV or Resume

You need a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume to apply for the scholarship. The CV should be according to the method of the professional format. Add work experience. If you don’t have any work experience, simply include all your study experiences, interests, hobbies, achievements, volunteer work experience and other skills. Including all the languages you can read and speak, also add a certificate. Add computer skills and any other courses.

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8# Standardized Test Scores

To apply for the scholarship, you need a standardized test score including SAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS & TOEFL. 

9# Parents’ Financial Information

If an Organization or the admission authority asked to you, so in that case you have to prove some Financial Stability in case of partial scholarships.

11# Medical Report or Health Evaluation form

The medical report may be requested including the sign from an authorized medical center or hospital in your home country. 

12# Research Proposal

If You are applying for Master & PHD Scholarships then you must have to Provide them Research Proposal. The research proposal provides an outline of the premise of what you are proposing to research. However, it is subject to adaptation as the research proceeds. It serves as a starting point for development and discussion with the assistance of your research or thesis supervisor.

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