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List of Scholarships To Study Abroad 2021 | Fully Funded Opportunity Desk

Looking to Study Abroad but Thinking About Expenses of Abroad study? So, here we bring a List of Scholarships To Study Abroad 2021. Previously we had covered the List of Scholarships Deadline in April 2021. Here we came up with New Opportunities to get a Free scholarship to study abroad to pursue Bachelor’s, Master & Ph.D. Degree Programs. These Fully Funded Scholarships 2021 2022 are offered by Government bodies or some external Organization for deserving students.

You can apply without Any Application Fee because all expenses are Fully Covered in these scholarships. Many Opportunities now are going to close in May. COVID brings a very positive change in the Admission Cycle for international students. You don’t need IELTS now. You can check the List of Universities Without IELTS Requirements.

You may also check how to Study in Europe Without IELTS 2021. Searching through all the international scholarships out there can be a pretty tough task. But we’ve tried our best to make it easier for you by creating List of Scholarships To Study Abroad 2021. These include lists of international scholarships to study abroad in a particular country, scholarships to study a particular subject, and scholarships targeting particular groups of students.

List of Scholarships To Study Abroad 2021

Did you know Abroad Scholarships & Grants are available from various resources? Surprisingly, 1 Million dollars worth of scholarships goes unclaimed every year because no one applies for them. Some of this grant could be yours.

Before going into the list of Scholarships Please!

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1# McDonald Scholarship in Abroad 2021

Scholarship from McDonald is for Master student & Doctoral degree holder to do some research in their respective field. They can continue the work in their Home country due to COVID travel restriction but if they are allowed so they can travel abroad. Applicants across all over the world are eligible for this scholarship. Applicants must have Master Degree or PHD degree or doing any research. Visit McDonald Scholarship in Abroad 2021 (Fully Funded).

2# Welcome UK Government Scholarships 2021.

The Applications are open to apply for the Welcome UK Government Scholarships 2021. The Welcome UK Scholarship is a New Fully Funded Scholarship by the UK Government.The Duration of the Tota Program is 30 Months. The first 12 months should be dedicated to doing a taught Master’s Degree. Visit Welcome UK Government Scholarships 2021.

3# Holland Scholarship 2021

Holland Scholarship 2021 is by the Ministry of Education for Masters & Ph.D. The Netherlands Scholarships for international students in UK are available for All Foreign Students. Further, There are 2,100+ programs in English. Visit Holland Scholarship 2021 by Ministry of Education.

4# AIT Scholarship in Thailand 2021

AIT Scholarship in Thailand 2021 is Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students to pursue Master & Ph.D. Degree. There is No Application Fee. The University Ranks #1 in Thailand and 14th in Asia. One of the Prestigious Scholarship. Visit AIT Scholarship in Thailand 2021 (Fully Funded).

5# CAS TWAS Chinese Government Scholarship 2021

#500 Highest Paying CAS TWAS Chinese Government Scholarship 2021 is finally Open again for a New year. International students who belong to Other Nationality holders are eligible for this CSC Scholarship. Visit CAS TWAS Chinese Scholarships.

6# Edinburgh University Scholarships in UK 2021

Edinburgh University Scholarships in UK 2021 is for Master Degree Program. All Nationalities are eligible for this Online Degree Funded Scholarship. Go and get a chance for a Distance Learning Scholarship from the United Kingdom. Visit Edinburgh University Scholarships in UK 2021.

7# Singapore Government Scholarship

The Singapore Government Scholarship is now open. Did You ever think that the Singapore Government will provide 240 Scholarships to Start their Study in Singapore in 2022? The Scholarship is available to Study Masters, Masters Leading to PhD or Direct Ph.D. After a Four Year Bachelors Degree Program. All the Expenses will be covered. Visit Singapore Government Scholarship 2022 | Fully Funded

8# 130 Rotary Scholarships 2021 | Fully Funded

Rotary Peace gives 130 Scholarships to International Students at one of the Top Universities of the world to pursue a Master Degree Program & Certificate Studies 130 Fully Funded Scholarship For Study Abroad this Year will be awarded. Visit 130 Rotary Scholarships 2021.

9# IU Scholarship in Germany

Elevate Your Career with a European Degree from IU International – Germany’s largest University! Same Mission, New Name. This year, in Summer, the university will become Germany’s largest with 70,000 students enrolled on their programs. IU International University of Applied Sciences Online Scholarship.

10# Australia Awards Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships Fully Funded Australian Government Scholarships for International students to get admission in Full-Time Bachelors, Masters & Post Doctoral Degree. AAS Scholarship is Fully Financed & Administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Visit Australia Awards Scholarships 2021.

11# University of Bonn SDG Exchange Program Germany 2021.

Here is another opportunity that is the University of Bonn SDG Exchange Program Germany 2021. You should apply for it because all Nationals are eligible for this SDG German Scholarship. United Nations is leading Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this Fellowship program will allow you to do a joint research project. Visit SDG Exchange Program Germany 2021 | University of Bonn.

12# Malta Government Scholarships 2021

Malta is gaining popularity among international students due to Maltas’ High Rated Education. Ministry of Education in Malta & other organizations are providing these Malta Government Scholarships for international students. Visit Malta Government Scholarship 2021-Fully Funded.

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