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Pros and Cons of Getting a PhD Degree – Opportunity Desk

Entering in a Job Market for the First Time can be stressful. You may find yourself asking    “Should I Do a PHD?” Are PHD is only for those who want to stay connected with the World of Academia? Do you want to be the Best in your Job Field? So this is the right time for you to decide whether PHD degree is Good or not.

A Doctorate Degree is a Graduate Degree attained after the completion of a Master’s Level program. This Degree takes several years of your life. Thi degree opens up huge opportunities for people seeking new opportunities. So let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of Getting a Ph.D. Degree.


1# You Make an Expert in Your Field

Throughout a doctoral project, a PhD student will develop many of the skills needed to grow into an independent researcher, while also developing expertise in a given field. A PhD does not consist of a number of uneventful years that culminate in a single success.

2# Get a Chance to Work in Collaborative Environment 

Learning how to work with other researchers is an important part of getting a PhD. The PhD student’s most important working relationship is with their supervisor (or, in some cases, supervisors), but most PhD students will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other members of their research group or lab, or even with researchers from the wider community.

3# Communication Skills

The ability to communicate results is a crucial skill for any researcher. A PhD student will, for example, be required to present their work to other scientists as talks or posters at meetings and conferences. The student will also start learning how to write a scientific article. Moreover, there are many opportunities for PhD students to share their passion and knowledge about their fields, such as teaching and mentoring undergraduates and other graduate students. They can also get involved in public outreach, and contribute to awakening new passions or educating citizens on certain topics.

4# Considered Most Intelligent People

People with having PHD degree are considered most intelligent people in the world. Having this type of Researching degree will give you more opportunities for a job at a higher level with a good salary.

5# Opportunities To Work Abroad

You will gain a lot of opportunities to apply for European Jobs & Research Projects in their universities. As foreign universities have a lot of funding and they can easily sponsor international students. they choose talented students across the world and gave them jobs in their universities.

6# CV Boosting 

PhD shows employers that you are able to conduct and analyze research, work independently and present ideas to audiences.


There are some drawbacks to this degree.

1# Financial Expensive 

PHD is somehow an expensive degree as you have to do research in different areas. PHD is a higher financial responsibility in terms of Tuition Fees & Student Loans.

2# Disciplinary Disapproval 

When hiring professors, colleges & Universities often put conditions to have PhD degrees for people. Even though you are an experienced professor in college still for the promotion you must have PhD degree. SO many believe this is unnecessary.

3# Disconnection 

Completing a Doctorate program does take Blood and Sweat. After receiving their Ph.D., some people find that they feel disconnected from the general public. They may get lost of touch with what is going on in society. Pursuing a PHD degree is a Life altering decision.


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