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What You Do After Work, Determines Your Future! Spend an Hour a Day Doing These Things and Your Life Will Never be The Same. Are you feeling a little uninspired? It could be because you’ve gotten into a bit of a tuff routine, especially when it comes to your after work routine. Maybe you think you would do rest after work or at weekend. But keep in mind this time in your life would determine who you are.

Let’s suppose you are a University student or an employee and your daily routine is 9-5 Pm. Am I right? So Lets move forward. The Extra Activity you do between 6pm to 12 PM, are critical and generally, their significance is a long way past your creative mind.  Many People think their success is only determined by their office job or a degree they earned.

So this is wrong. You cannot put the blame upon your office or Boss of not moving forward in your own life. That time between clocking out of work and hitting the sheets every night is yours to do whatever you want. Spending your time watching Netflix after an exhausting day is not a good idea rather than you should watch motivated person stories. Here’s a list of ideas to inspire you.

1# Your’s Free Time Activity Matters the Most

Do you remember Steve Jobs’s theory about connecting dots? He says ” Spending your time today for the right things, may not make sense, but may be in the future”. Always try to invest in yourself. So, many of you will ask HOW? So here are some examples. I know everyone needs some free time to enjoy. But Do you really think, spending your whole night or 5-6 hours daily watching Netflix is beneficial for you??

I think you should watch successful people’s life story, about how they spend their free time. Now they are getting what they did in past. Different skills, ideas, cultures, and opinions can have a positive effect on your own views. Consider everything. Go through every possibility until you know for a fact it can or cannot be done

Your CGPA, Good Grades never matter, Only matter your skill how you utilize them. One of my friends was not good in Grades but he always tries to figure out new skills now, he is running his Blogging Company and earning more than 5000$ Per Month. 

Along with that, I saw some of my friends who were topper in class they always try to get 90%. Now they are jobless.

Again, one of my friends who did a Commerce degree but she was good in designing, She always try to do online free courses. She has a lot of knowledge about designing, that now she is running her own Fashion Clothing Brand.

The same is with me. I did Computer Engineering. While my other friends always try to get good grades. On the other side, I always try to indulge my free time in doing some creative learning.  In fact, I do extra Activity like joining Social societies in my Universities. I always manage my time in a good way. This took some time but immediately, I began to realize the returns of my investment in time to learn new things.

2# DIY Projects

Always try to update yourself. Freelance is a community where people are earning without any investment by selling their skills or small projects. A lot of Youtube tutorials are available on how to earn from freelancing? In your free time always try to learn these skills

  • Freelancing
  • Digital marketing
  • Logo Designing
  • Website desigining

Either you are doctor, engineer, Arts student or social science student, or employee. I would suggest you all during your study or free time even after job hours, Make sure you are not wasting your time watching movies on Netflix or on youtube. Rather than watching films every day kindly watch learning new skills tutorials on youtube.

3# By reading Bloggers

If you are not interested in watching something. Then try to read different blogs. There is a lot of information on different bloggers. Once you commit to the habit of reading about your industry, you will begin to understand and process information faster. You can learn how to talk with people. how to communicate with others. How to earn online. You don’t need to pay a heavy amount to any coach to teach you all these things. Everything is available on Google now free of cost.

4# Build Some Connection

You can find out people related to your field on LinkedIn. Grow your network. And try to communicate with them and learn something from them.

A strong network of relationships can enable you:

  • Gain information from experts
  • Help the company 
  • More income-generating chances

Why connection is compulsory? because Who knows, you might have just connected with your future boss or colleague, Connections are powerful assets and they help you excel further.

So Dear OpportunityDesk Followers. let’s start from today. It will help you in your future Soon,


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