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Imagine how upset you would be if Someone caught Plagiarism in any Article, Essay or Research Paper. If You are a student or in a professional field, you must avoid Plagiarism. There are specific rules made by organizations to not copy other content to prevent failure in your work. This is however very common when one person thinks it is very common information but for another one, it is not. So, make sure to provide Quotations and citations.

Getting a written Assignment is very common in nowadays. Countless term papers, case studies, research papers, capstone projects, reviews, and essays are parts of a routine. Plagiarism is not restricted to words alone: inserting without attribution a diagram or even a photograph taken from elsewhere is plagiarism, as is using others’ ideas or methods. 

There are different Types of Plagiarism 

  • Copying text word-for-word without including quotation marks or a source
  • Paraphrasing somebody else’s work without Mentioning their name 
  • Paying somebody to create a piece of work for you
  • Using work or ideas from another student’s essay
  • Using sections from different sources and stitching them all together, and presenting them as original work without reference to these sources
  • Using ‘find and replace functions in software such as Microsoft Word, to alter a few words from a text that you have copied word-for-word
  • Using a reference but not properly representing the ideas of the original work
  • Using a very specific structure for a piece of writing that has been used by another author, and just slightly amending the content
  • Using a thesaurus to rewrite a passage
  • Using another student’s essay without their consent, and passing it off as your own work
  • Submitting similar or identical work in different courses, modules, or assignments

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Why It Is Important to Remove Plagiarism?

It assists you to improve the quality of your work

If you get caught plagiarising, It saves you from the embarrassment

It enhances your capability to paraphrase the meaning of established ideas and values in the proper way.

It can prevent negative consequences in your career.

You can master conveying your ideas without having to worry about unintentionally copying someone else’s work.

Things You Can Do To Avoid Plagiarism

There are different methods to avoid plagiarism in any written form of content. In This figure all ways of removing plagiarism are mentioned:

Allow ample time for writing and revision.

Use quotation marks and give the source

Use quotation marks and give the source

Read widely on many topics and read good writers to enhance your knowledge

Record the bibliographic details of sources accurately

Conduct a plagiarism check, there are multiple tools available online.

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