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Frequently Asked Questions About Immigration to Canada Opportunity Desk

Frequently Asked Questions About Immigration to Canada. Canada is an advanced country in the world and everyone wants to go here to stay. Many people apply for the Canada Visa due to its natural environment, advanced country, and the best place to live. But some questions arise in your mind before applying for study, work, immigration or citizenship. In Canada, you get a free medical facility. During your studies in Canada, you can also work there. So here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions for you.

1# How do I get PR in Canada?

To apply for PR in Canada,  first you need to apply for the province or place where you want to live. After that, apply for permanent residency at IRCC. The IRCC officer then reviews your application according to Canadian immigration laws.

2# How much time of PR visa valid in Canada?

Mostly, PR cards are valid for 5 years, but in some cases, they are only valid for one year. It depends on which type of PR you selected.  In case your PR card expires, you need to apply within 6 months to renew. You can see the expiry date on your PR Card. 

3# How Beneficial is Canadian PR?

Suppose you are a Permanent Residence in Canada. In that case, you get many benefits including a healthcare stipend, working and studying all over the country, living life,  easily applying for Canadian citizenship, getting freedom and rights, get protection under the rules.

4# What are the requirements to apply for Canadian citizenship?

First, you need to apply for Canadian citizenship if you are a Permanent Residence resident of the country, lived 3 years in Canada, must pass a test of your rights, and language skills, pay taxes if necessary, and must know about Canada.

5# How do I Check My Visa Application Status?

You can check your Visa application status to signup for your account, go to your profile to check the submitted application, and click on checking status and messages. You can also track your Visa application using the reference number provided by the visa application center on your receipt.

6# Can I stay in Canada and wait for my Permanent Residency?

Yes, you can stay in Canada while waiting for your PR.

7# Do I need specific qualifications for a job in Canada? 

You need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. But if you have no degree, you get the work Visa while you get the skills, experience,  education, and language. 

8# Can, as a student, I work full time in Canada?

If you apply for a work permit or a postgraduate work permit, but wait to receive the  Work Permit application.  Also, you are already able to work off-campus during your studies. 

9#  Is medical free for PR or Canadian citizenship?

Canada has a Universal Healthcare system through taxes. Everyone whose Canadian Citizenship or PR can apply for health insurance.  

10# Is IELTS necessary for student visas in Canada? 

No, IELTS is not necessary for studying in Canada or visiting here. But in the case of applying for PR, you must need an IELTS minimum of 6.0 score.

11#  Can I get Free Education in Canada? 

No, Canadian universities do not provide free education for you. But some Canadian universities or schools offer fully Funded Scholarships for international students.

12# Which skill is most demanded of a job in Canada? 

Software development is the most demanding skill in Canada. Because in Canada, app development and web development jobs are at a high peak.

13# Which skill is best for a Canadian job? 

Software development is the most demanding skill in Canada.

14#  How do I Earn in Canada as a student?

The average student salary of a student in Canada is $18 per hour. If you are the most experienced worker, you may earn $55,250 per year. At the entry-level, you earn $29,250 per year.

15# Can I know the types of Canadian visas?

There are four types of Canadian visas i.e. Tourist, Student or Work Visa, and Immigration visa.

16# How much time is required to process the Canadian Student Visa?

After receiving biometrics,  we process your Visa within 20 days. But if your eligibility criteria do not match the Student Direct stream, we will review your application.

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