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Do you know, the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition is now accepting applications online. The Royal Commonwealth society provides the best opportunity for candidates who want to go on a London trip. All the applicants will get a certificate of participation.  From the junior and senior categories, the winner wins a free educational and cultural trip to London for 1 week. In this opportunity, all the trip expenses are covered. So apply before the deadline for this wonderful chance to go to London. 

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition is open to all students who belong to 52 Commonwealth countries and participate easily. The topic for an essay is given and the candidates need to write an essay on the provided topic. From the Commonwealth countries, the participants for writing essays are divided into two groups, senior & junior categories. The 14 to 18 age group participants are in the senior category. The students are below the age of 14 and are in the junior category. So don’t waste time if you are eligible for such an opportunity,  so apply without any hesitation. 

The main purpose of this essay competition is to encourage the adults and polish their skills. The young participants can write their ideas for this competition. To boost the students’ confidence,  the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition is the best opportunity.  The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition is held due to the support of the Loges State Government. The last date to apply for the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition is 30th June 2022.

Details about the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay 

  • Region: Online
  • Competition: Essay writing
  • Eligible Country: all Commonwealth countries
  • Financial Benefits: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: 30 June 2022
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Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Topics

The topics of the senior and junior category is as follows:

Senior Category

  • Imagine that you are the Head of Government and you are delivering your speech at the Meeting in Rwanda. Write a speech to show that what’s your trust should be a priority for collective action within the Commonwealth. 
  • Explain the inspirational leader from this period. The twentieth was a period that saw enormous social change driven by committed leaders. 
  • Imagine you are working on the frontline. Write your experience. Also, detailed notes on why you serve your community and why your service matters?

Junior Category

  • Consider you are a grandparent in 2022. Tell a story to your grandchildren as a bedtime story.  
  • Write work of superheroes that is needed to solve a problem in your community.
  • Write work of superheroes that is needed to solve a problem in your community. 
  • According to your view, what are the best ways for young people to serve the Commonwealth?
  • Wrote about Our Commonwealth community.
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Financial Coverage/Benefits 

The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition provided the following awards 

  • Gold Medal
  • Silver Medal
  • Bronze Medal
  • For educational and cultural events, provides a fully funded trip to London 
  • They provide the Certificate of participation.
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Eligibility Criteria 

  • All territories and Commonwealth countries participants are eligible 
  • Also, the participants from Zimbabwe, Ireland, and Hong Kong are also eligible
  • Writing essay in the English language 
  • select a Senior and Junior topic depending on the age before 30 June 2022
  • In the senior category, you must write 1500 words.
  • In the Junior Category, we must write a maximum of 750 words.
  • Only one entry will be accepted for one participant

How To Apply

  •    Once, the participants need to submit the following details 
  •    Your full name
  •    your complete CNIC number
  •    Send your school name
  •    send the complete details of the curricular stage of the entrants

If you cannot send information as a group, then give the details as a submitted adult.

The email submission details are Enter your competition and fill in an online application using the official link given below. Submit before the deadline of 30th June 2022. The online application link is here.

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