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Study in China Without IELTS – List of Universities Without Application Fee Opportunity Desk

This article is related to Study in China Without IELTS. A number of institutions that are opening their doors to International Students of different Nationalities have steadily grown over the year in china now. China is one of the biggest country in Asia and offering 20,000+ Fully Funded Scholarships in China. Check 20,000 Scholarships in China in 2021. There are multiple universities in China without an Application Fee. We will describe everything in this post.

Chinese Government Announced multiple Scholarships in China for international students. It is called the CSC Scholarship by the Chinese Government to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s degree, Post Doctoral degree & Chinese Langauge Courses Free of cost. You will get Free Stipend monthly, Free Accommodation & Medical insurance as well. 

As of 2019, around 30.3 million students were enrolled in public colleges and universities in China, with approximately 490,000 foreign students among them in 2018. There are 1500 Public Universities in China. The current population of China is 1,440,782,598. Currently, almost 133 Chinese Universities are accepting Masters and Doctorate students under CSC Scholarship. There are nearly 30+ Universities without application Fees in China.

How To Study in China Without IELTS

You can study free of cost and without IELTS. If You have earned your previous degree in English Langauge. Applicants can apply on behalf of the English Langauge Proficiency Certificate.  The Students Need to provide an official Declaration or Certificate Printed on Headed and Stamped Paper as Evidence that the Previous Education was in English Medium.

Even, there is an alternative to IELTS that is Duolingo Language Test Accepted in 2000+ Universities. In fact, IELTS Indicator Test is a New Online Test that can be taken from home easily. Some Universities might take an Online Interview or Skype Video Interview. Once Your application is accepted, you will need to take an online interview scheduled by your university.

List of Universities Without IELTS in China

  • Changchun University of Science and Technology
  • Northeast Petroleum University
  • Zhejiang University of Technology
  • Shantou University Medical College
  • China University of Mining and Technology(Xuzhou)
  • Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  • Beijing University of Chemical Technology
  • Beijing Foreign Studies University-International Business School
  • Hangzhou Normal University
  • Dongbei University of Finance and Economics
  • Dalian Medical University
  • Zhengzhou University
  • Fujian Medical University
  • China Medical University
  • Ningbo University
  • Beijing Institute of Technology
  • Beihang University
  • Liaoning Shihua University
  • Bohai University
  • Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics
  • China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
  • Fujian University of Technology

List of Universities Without Application Fee

  • Northeast Normal University.
  • Northwest A & F University.
  • Shaanxi Normal University.
  • CQU (Chongqing University), China Application processing fee is not required
  • CNU (Capital Normal University) China
  • The Dalian University of Technology, Liaoning state, China
  • NWPU, Shaanxi State, China
  • Southeast University, Nanjing
  • UESTC (University of Electronic Science & Technology), China
  • Sichuan University, China
  • SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), China
  • Wuhan University of technology, city Wuhan, Hebei state, China
  • Shandong University, state Shandong, China.
  • NUAA, Nanjing city, province: Jiangsu
  • Tianjin University,
  • Fujian University
  • Southwest University
  • CQUPT (Chongqing University of Post & Telecommunications), China
  • Wuhan University, Hebei state, Wuhan city, China
  • HEU, (Harbin Engineering University), China
  • Harbin University of science and technology.
  • Zhejiang Sci-Tech University.
  • Yanshan University,
  • NANJING AGRICULTURE, Jiangsu state, city Nanjing
  • HUA ZHONG AGRI.”No Application Processing Fee”
  • NORTHWEST AGRI, No Application Processing Fee
  • SHANDONG university.No Application Processing Fee
  • The Renmin University of China.

List of Chinese Scholarships

Universities List with website details to study in China Without IELTS in given below.

  1. Huazhong Agricultural University http://ic.hzau.edu.cn
  2. Huazhong Agricultural University http://ic.hzau.edu.cn
  3. Shenyang Normal University http://cie.synu.edu.cn
  4. Anhui University http://en.ahu.edu.cn
  5. Beihua University http://admissions.beihua.edu.cn
  6. Beijing Film Academy http://eng.bfa.edu.cn
  7. Beijing Institute of Technology http://isc.bit.edu.cn
  8. Beijing Jiaotong University http://cie.bjtu.edu.cn
  9. Beijing Jiaotong University http://cie.bjtu.edu.cn
  10. Beijing Normal University http://iso.bnu.edu.cn
  11. Beijing University of Chemical Technology http://english.buct.edu.cn
  12. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications https://english.bupt.edu.cn
  13. Bohai University http://www.bhuwsc.com
  14. Capital Normal University http://www.ciecnu.cn
  15. Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine http://eiceo.cdutcm.edu.cn
  16. China Agricultural University http://admissions.cau.edu.cn
  17. China Agricultural University http://admissions.cau.edu.cn
  18. China Agricultural University http://admissions.cau.edu.cn
  19. China Three Gorges University http://eng.ctgu.edu.cn
  20. China Three Gorges University http://eng.ctgu.edu.cn
  21. China University of Geosciences(Beijing) http://bm.cugb.edu.cn
  22. China University of Petroleum http://cie.upc.edu.cn
  23. Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications http://english.cqupt.edu.cn
  24. Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications http://english.cqupt.edu.cn
  25. Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications http://english.cqupt.edu.cn
  26. Dalian University of Technology http://sie.dlut.edu.cn/en
  27. Dalian University of Technology http://sie.dlut.edu.cn
  28. Donghua University http://english.dhu.edu.cn
  29. Donghua University http://english.dhu.edu.cn
  30. East China Normal University http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn
  31. East China Normal University http://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn
  32. East China University of Science and Technology http://ies.ecust.edu.cn
  33. Fudan university http://iso.fudan.edu.cn
  34. Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University http://english.fafu.edu.cn
  35. Harbin Engineering University http://studyheu.hrbeu.edu.cn
  36. Harbin Engineering University http://studyheu.hrbeu.edu.cn
  37. Harbin Institute of Technology http://studyathit.hit.edu.cn
  38. Hohai University http://ie.hhu.edu.cn
  39. Huangshan University http://study.hsu.edu.cn
  40. Inner Mongolia Normal University http://en.imnu.edu.cn
  41. Jiamusi University http://iec.jmsu.edu.cn
  42. Jiamusi University http://iec.jmsu.edu.cn
  43. Jiangnan University http://studyabroad.jiangnan.edu.cn
  44. Jiangsu University http://oec.ujs.edu.cn
  45. Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics http://jxufe.ciss.org.cn
  46. Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages http://www.huabridge.com
  47. Jilin University http://cie.jlu.edu.cn
  48. Kunming University of Science and Technology http://gjxy.kmust.edu.cn
  49. Lanzhou University of Technology http://gjy.lut.edu.cn
  50. Liaoning Shihua University http://gjjyxy.lnpu.edu.cn
  51. Liaoning University of Technology http://study.lnut.edu.cn
  52. Ludong University http://english.ldu.edu.cn
  53. Minzu University of China http://cie.muc.edu.cn
  54. Mudanjiang Normal University http://gjjy.mdjnu.cn
  55. Nanchang University http://iec.ncu.edu.cn
  56. Nanjing Normal University http://en.njnu.edu.cn
  57. Nanjing University https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn
  58. Nanjing University https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn
  59. Nanjing University https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn
  60. Nanjing University https://hwxy.nju.edu.cn
  61. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics http://iao.nuaa.edu.cn/scholarship/
  62. Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology http://www.globenuist.cn
  63. Nankai University http://study.nankai.edu.cn
  64. Ningbo University of Technology http://gjxyen.nbut.edu.cn
  65. Zhejiang University http://iczu.zju.edu.cn
  66. Zhejiang University http://iczu.zju.edu.cn

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