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Do you know that Top Universities Offering Free Online Courses? A lot of universities offer Free Online Courses For International Students who want to learn from the top universities of the world. The online classes at the top universities include free lectures, assignments and the final year project. It’s the best way to boost your knowledge, skills, and the best opportunity to learn from top university teachers. It may be a challenge for you to choose which one is best for you.

It’s a great way for job seekers to set their career goals. The most important thing about the top universities is that they offer free online courses to facilitate those students who cannot afford to go abroad to get a high-quality education. From any location, you can easily connect to these universities for free online courses. So, Let See the top universities that offer free online courses for you!

List of Top Universities offering free online courses

1# Carnegie Mellon University, USA

The top university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a technical school founded in 1848. After that, it merged with the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research. The university offers free online courses for international students.  It’s open and the free section allows the candidate to get the course stuff. The university offers different free and low, cast courses including Evidence-Based Management, and introduction to Programming in Java and Spanish.

2# Duke University, USA

Have you ever found free online courses about universities? Duke University is the top university that is located in North Carolina that offers free online courses for students worldwide. You can learn the free skills and courses online. Some of the courses include statistics, medical neuroscience, and machine learning. You get a university offering free courses through a popular website, Coursera. You get the online lectures free not during the course but after completing your course also. 

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3# Harvard University, USA

Another top university with free online courses is Harvard University, which is the oldest university in the U.S. You get Harvard University free online courses from the website edX. You get a free certificate after completing your course online. 

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4# Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

The Cambridge,  Massachusetts-based Institute is known for its engineering and computer science education. Also, it’s known as the OpenCourseWare website, which has 2400 course materials on this online platform for students. On this site, the lectures, assignments, and notes are available. No education or degree and no registration are required for these courses. Anyone can apply for these online free courses. 

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5# Stanford University, USA

In the Bay Area of California, Stanford University is located.  The university is famous for producing top talent among students. In 2011, the university is working on free online courses. For lifelong free online courses, it offers more than 100 courses for students around the globe through its website MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). The course consists of topics including humanities, medicine, engineering, mechanical or healthcare, and much more.

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6# Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

At this institute,  since 2012, online free courses are offered to international students.  According to a survey, more than 3.3 million people learn free online courses from the Georgia Institute of Technology, including Data Analytics in Business, Innovation Leadership,  supply chain principles and much more.

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7# University of California, Irvine, USA

A public university,  included in the top News and World Report’s list due to its best colleges. The university offers free online courses in 2011. You get business,  marketing, statistics,  literature and other courses from the website at the University of California,  Irvine for free online.

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8# Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is an international university offering free online courses for students around the globe. It’s a research university that provides a facility for a free online course that advances teaching and research in science, technology, engineering, management and business studies. Check out some online courses at FinTech MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). 


9# École Polytechnique, France

The Ècole Polytechnique is a French Institute that provides high quality education in science and technology. The university offers more than 29 courses, including 10 courses in English and the remaining in French. It’s a French course: An Introduction to Probability,  How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper in English, and others. Check the free online courses of this institute from the specified online platform. 


10# UCL (University College London)

Do you want to get a degree from University College London? In the UK, University College London is one of the top universities. That university offers a list of free online courses for you. The university offers the Anthropology of Social Media, Culture, Health and well-being, Citizen Science and Scientific, and other such courses. 

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