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Hello Opportunity Desk Followers! Multiple Worldwide Scholarships in 2021 is open now. Now you can easily pursue a Bachelor Degree, Master Degree & Post Doctoral degree in Europe and in other countries. All these Full Free Scholarships are open For All Nationalities holders. You can apply in Any Course you wish to study abroad. It is our duty to tell you that United States Universities Waived GRE/GMAT Due to COVID-19. The Top-Rated US Universities have waived this opportunity to all students. So Hundreds and thousands of opportunities are waiting for International applicants.

Now you must be thinking that you should study in Europe only. But we would advise you to go to Asia as well now many Asian countries are giving Jobs with free education. Hence you can explore Worldwide Scholarships opportunities there. The Scholarships are available in Asia, Europe, Australia, America, Africa. Tuition fees are free in these universities. The government will provide you monthly Stipend & Accommodation as well.

The maximum duration of a Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship is 4 years, a Master’s Degree is 2 years & for a Ph.D. degree is 3 years. Language of instruction would be in English in fact You don’t need to show IELTS/TOEFL results. You can give Duolingo Language Test which is Accepted in 2000+ Universities. It is cheaper and easy to pass. But if Any university is asking for English Langauge proof so you can enroll here in Free IELTS Online Course.

List of Worldwide Scholarships 2021

5,000 Scholarships to Study in Canada 2021 

Welcome Back with an amazing new scholarship study abroad Opportunity! 5,000 Scholarships to Study in Canada 2021 are open recently and waiting for an international student to apply quickly and come For Canada international education. Canadian Scholarships for International Students can be achieved by enrolling in Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D., Post Doctoral, and Certificate Degree Programs.

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5,000 University of Pecs Hungary Scholarships 

5,000 University of Pecs Hungary Scholarships are recently announced. Pec is the oldest University in Hungary. It is in Central Europe. NO IELTS/TOEFL necessary to get admission in University of Pécs International students ranked in between #651-700. 31 Bachelor’s and 29 Master’s, 8 One-tier Master’s and 15 Doctoral programs will be offered this year to International students for University of Pecs Scholarships 2021.

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800 Scholarships in Singapore 2021 

Indeed, very Famous & Prestigious Scholarships in Singapore always remain on Top Priority of International students. Recently, Lee Hsien Loong who is PM since 2004 in Singapore and serving Singapore country, is trying to invite Students on SINGA Scholarships. There is NO nationalities restriction in Scholarships to Study in Singapore. These are Fully Funded by the Government of Singapore and Top Public Universities of Singapore.

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2,500 Qatar Scholarships in 2021 

Qatar Government & University of Qatar has announced Fully Funded Scholarships for All Nationalities holders. Applicants can easily pursue a Bachelor’s, Master’s Degree, or Post Doctoral Degree in Any Academic field. Qatar universities are ranked good in QS World Ranking. In fact, You can study without IELTS here.

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2,000 Scholarships in Germany 2021

German Universities and the Government of Germany offering Fully Funded 2,000 Scholarships for Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. Degree Programs. Highly Paid Fully Funded 2,000 Scholarships in Germany available. Germany is home to Free Education There are hundreds of academic courses to choose from and World-class education by highly qualified staff. The Scholarship is open to all international students from around the world.

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15,000 List of Government Scholarships 

We have Gathered 15,000 List of Government Scholarships which will be given in 2021. All of the government scholarships to study abroad are Fully Funded. Those who are interested to pursue Full-time Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. Degree Programs. The Government Svchjolarships are the Best Scholarships because your expenses will be funded by the Government of that Particular Country.

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26,500 Scholarships in Asia 2021 

These Scholarships in Asia are Fully Funded for International students to pursue Bachelor’s, Master & Post Doctoral Degree. We here will provide the best scholarship opportunities for you at the National level & International level. Asia is a continent having 48 Countries according to the United Nations. Below you can find the most exciting Asian Scholarships opportunities for all nationalities holders.

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5000 Scholarships in Europe 

The European Government announced 5,000 Scholarships in Europe in 2020 for international Students for their 2021 Intake. Each Year, Millions of worth Fully Funded Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. Scholarships are offered by the Colleges and Universities in Europe for international students. Study in Europe Scholarships is Totally Free.

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20,000 Scholarships in China

China has announced 20,000 Scholarships in China. Every year the Chinese Government Announced multiple Scholarships in China for international students. It is called the CSC Scholarship by the Chinese Government to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s degree, Post Doctoral degree & Chinese Langauge Courses Free of cost. You will get Free Stipend monthly, Free Accommodation & Medical insurance as well.

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15,00 Russian Government Scholarship 

Russian Government Scholarships named Open Doors Scholarship Russia is open recently for International students to study in Russia. The Scholarship will be awarded for the Master Degree program & Doctoral Degree Program. The number of international scholarships in Russia is 1500. And it is huge in the figure. It is In collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Russia however is the largest country in the world.

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2,450 Scholarships to Study in Australia

Australian Prime Minister: Scott Morrison, Who did his Master’s Degree from The University of New South Wales Announced 2,450 Fully Funded Scholarships to Study in Australian Universities. Scott Morison allowed International students to come back to Australia and can study in Australia for further education. Undergraduates, Masters, and Ph.D.Degree Programs are in a wide range of courses for Domestic & International students as well.

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2,000 List of International Internships 

What About International Opportunities? Don’t you need Fully Funded International Internships 2021 across the world? So here is the List of International Internships 2021. No Application Fee. Applicants having Any Nationality can apply for these Internships in abroad. If you are an Undergraduate Student, Graduate student, or whatever courses you are studying currently are just recently finished your degree so apply for paid internships in Europe 2021.

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1300 Global Korea Scholarship 2021

Global Korea Scholarship 2020-2021 has 2 Tracks i.e. Embassy Track and University Track and Now Both are open. The Korean Government Scholarship Program 2020 is Now Known as the Global Korea Scholarship Program (GKSP). KGSP Worldwide Scholarships offering 1276 Fully Funded Students Scholarship in South Korea. Duration For MS Scholarship is 3 Years & Ph.D. The scholarship is 4 Years including.

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500 Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program 

Get Ready! Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program 2021 is finally open after a long tenure for International students. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme 2021 is for Undergraduate students & for Master level students to pursue their degree in Fully Funded Masters scholarships & Fully Funded Ph.D. scholarships in France. This scholarship in France for international students is a Fully Funded Scholarship in France for international students in 2020.

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1500+ List of United States of America Scholarships 2021 

I want to study in the USA but I don’t have money. This Situation happens with the majority of students. So here, We will tell you the Best Worldwide Scholarships in the US. No doubt America is among the Expensive nations of the world But this factor never urges the people to stop gaining education from the USA. Top Ranked Universities also prioritized the international students in their Scholarship Quota.

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2000 Taiwan Scholarships For International Students 2021 

Taiwan Government Scholarships Program 2021 recently opened. These Worldwide Scholarships are for international students to undertake a Master/ Mphill & Post-doctorate degree in Taiwan 2020. Taiwanese Scholarships are open for All Citizens of different countries in the world. There is NO highest CGPA requirement neither any IELTS/TOEFL requirement from foreign students to study in Taiwan.

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