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So, have you ever dreamt of studying Medicine abroad? So, for Apply For MBBS Scholarships 2022. Applicants all around the globe are looking for New Medical Scholarship in Abroad for the year 2023. MBBS Scholarships are open in many Top Universities. This is a Golden ticket for you to win MBBS International Scholarships. Applicants having any nationality are eligible.

Start your application. Apply online. Medical scholarships are very expensive. The main objective of provide Medical scholarships to deserving students to fulfill their dreams. Competent Doctors are always needed in the world. That is why multiple Fully Funded Medical scholarships are available for the students. Applicants having College Degree are eligible.

With Scholarship assistance, you will learn a lot of knowledge from these scholarships. Most of the Scholarships are Merit based. You have to fulfill the criteria and other requirements to get these Scholarships in Abroad. Also, Try to enhance your knowledge by joining Edx Free Online Courses. Full Information regarding MBBS Scholarships 2022 For International Students is given below.

List of Top MBBS Scholarships Countries 2022 For International Students 

Partially & Fully Funded MD Scholarships are available in the following countries.

  • China
  • Singapore
  • European Countries
  • UK
  • Korea
  • USA
  • Turkey
  • Japan

Criteria of Admission to MBBS with Scholarships

Some of the common eligibility criteria for admission to MBBS with scholarships are,

  • Must have good academic record in 10th and 12th class higher secondary education
  • Have a Bachelor of Sciences(BS) degree in Biology, Chemistry, or another related subject.
  • Have Good scores in NEET and MCAT exam
  • Proof of English proficiency through IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.
  • A valid passport

1# MBBS Scholarships in China

1# Bilateral MBBS Program By Anhui Medical University: Anhui Medical University is offering scholarships for Bachelor, Master & PhD of Medicine. Applicants have to take 1 year extra to learn the Chinese language as well.


  • Full Tuition Fees are offered
  • A stipend for personal expenses
  • Accommodation Free
  • An in-country study tour
  • Required course books
  • Health insurance

2# Nanjing Medical University Scholarship: Nanjing is also offering Bachelor, Master & PhD of Medicine scholarships to international students.


  • Full Tuition Fees are offered
  • 1500 RMB stipend for personal expenses
  • Accommodation Free
  • An in-country study tour
  • Required course books
  • Health insurance

3# Beijing Government Medical Scholarship: Capital Medical University Scholarship offers scholarships to all Chinese students and all international students as well.

4# Donghua University Scholarship

It offers 29 Doctor degree scholarships.

  • A waiver of tuition fee
  • free on-campus dormitory accommodation
  • monthly stipend (bachelor’s programs: 2500; master’s programs: CNY 3000; doctoral programs: CNY3500)
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for International Students in China

These Universities are offering Different categories of scholarships in Medical Degree.

No. University Name Scholarship Type
1 Zhejiang University CGS; CLGS; US
2 Shandong University CGS; US
3 Jiangsu University CGS; CLGS; US; ES
4 Chongqing Medical University  CLGS
5 Xiamen University CGS; CLGS; US
6 Nantong University CLGS
7 Fujian Medical University CGS; CLGS; US
8 Zhengzhou University CGS; US
9 Liaoning Medical University CGS
10 China Medical University CGS; CLGS
11 Dalian Medical University CGS; CLGS
12 Wuhan University CGS; US
13 Tongji University CGS; CLGS; US
14 Ningbo University CGS; CLGS; US
15 Fudan University CGS; CLGS


2# MBBS Scholarship in USA

1# ACLS Scholarship for Health Care Provider: Pacific Medical Training has created a $1,000 scholarship for students. The first-place winner will get $1,000 and 3 runner-ups will receive free access to any of the Pacific Medical Training courses.

2# Harvard Medical School Scholarships: Harvard Medical School(HMS) Scholarships provides scholarships to HMS medical courses. It covers both tuition fees and mandatory fees.

3#Joseph Collins Foundation Scholarship: It is a scholarship program established in 1951. Named after Dr. Joseph Collins, who was a pioneer of neurology in 1888, it provides a scholarship reward of $10,000 per year.

4# NHS Corps Scholarship: National Health Service Corps is a scholarship program offered by the US government to students committed to healthcare and the well-being of citizens. The program covers different types of costs for MBBS students like tuition fees, books, stationery supplies, equipment, and a monthly stipend for the course duration.

For a medical degree with the following disciplines,

  • Medicine (MD or DO)
  • Dentistry (DDS or DMD)
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Certified nurse-midwife
  • Physician assistant

5# Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship: With an average of $ 10,112 per year, the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship has provided funding to many scholars to a total amount of $14.6 million. Biggest benefit of Jack Kent Cooke Scholarships is the freedom to choose any Medical Course.

6# Howard G. Lapsley Memorial Scholarship Fund for Medical Education: The Howard G. Lapsley Scholarship is awarded to medical degree students. Every student gets a scholarship reward worth $10,000 per year, including all the costs.

7# American College of Surgeons: Scholarship is available to only those who are interested in doing research on the Medical side.

8# Harvard Medical School of MBBS: Provide Funds to MD Students. For More information: Visit Here

3# MBBS Scholarship in Turkey 

1# Ibne Sina Medical Science Scholarship: Ibni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarships are available at the Associate, Undergraduate, and Ph.D. levels. The fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutics, nursing, and veterinary medicine are all eligible for this prize.

  • The duration of the Ibni Sina Medical Scholarship is 84 months.
  • Medicine: 1-year Turkish Language course + 6 years
  • For dentistry, a one-year Turkish language study + five years is required.
  • For pharmacy, a one-year Turkish language study + five years is required.

2# Istanbul Altinbas University: It is famous for offering Medicine (bachelors) and Pharmacy degree programs. Cost of program:13228 Euros.

These are below scholarships offered by Turkish government in MBBS and in other fields

  • Full-time Turkey Scholarship 
  • Success Scholarship program 
  • Turkey merit scholarship program 
  • Yeditepe University Scholarship 
  • Medipol-Ankara University Scholarship 

4# MBBS Scholarship in New Zealand

1# Medical University of Otago: The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for International Students provides a NZ$10,000 contribution towards the tuition fee on an eligible program.

For More Information Visit Here.

2# University of Aukland John hamel: To study for a Bachelor of Medical Science or a postgraduate research degree at the University.

For More Information: Visit Here

5# IsDB Scholarship Program

Fully Funded Scholarship to pursue Medical, Pharmacy, Undergraduate, Master, Ph.D., Post Doctoral Research Program and also Vocational Training.

Fields of study Potential Specializations at Postgraduate Studies
Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Laboratories, Microbiology, Public Health, Nutrition, Health Services Management, Bio-Medicine, Medical Technology, Veterinary, Chemistry, Biology, Bio-Technology and related fields.
  • Health

For More information: Visit Here

6# MBBS in Japan

1# Monbukagakusho MEXT Scholarship: Monbukagakusho MEXT Scholarship will provide 1000+ Fully Funded Japanese Scholarships to undertake Medical & Health Science scholarships. Japan has over 700 universities, with 10 ranked in the top 200 worldwide.

For More information: Visit Here

2# OIST Internship: All Visa, Travel costs including Accommodation are Fully Funded. OIST Research Internship Program is a Short Term Internship placement for Talented students. Applicants who belong to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, Environmental, Ecological and Marine Sciences, Science, Engineering, and Medical Fileds are eligible.

For More information: OIST Internship

7# Knight Hennessy Stanford University Scholarship 

A Unique Opportunity for International students to study in USA. 100 Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students to study for Masters, Ph.D., MS, MBA, MFA, MD, JD degrees.

For More information: Knight Hennessy Scholarship 

8# MBBS in Singapore

SINGA Medical Scholarship in Singapore

Scholarships are available in Medical Science.

  • Full Tuition Fees
  • The monthly stipend of S$2,000, will be increased to S$2,500 after the passing of the Qualifying Examination
  • One-time Airfare Grant of up to S$1,500
  • One-time Settling in Allowance of S$1,000

For More information: Singapore International Graduate Award

9# MBBS in UK

Studying Medical in UK is the biggest opportunity for the international students. if you are looking for a scholarship so apply for the below scholarships.

10# MBBS in Canada

Ontario Medical Scholarship: This scholarship is for Medical Science Degree Programs to pursue Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is also a top scholarship where you can apply and study.

For More Information: Visit Here

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