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Million Dollar Advice For All International Students!

An awaited Million Dollar Advice For All International Students!, in fact, Billion Dollar one. Dear all, I wanted to say this to you for so long. So Spend Time in reading it and it will benefit you for sure. As you can see that the work we have started for all students is getting fruitful results and students are getting the benefit of it day by day. It is all due to you people, who see and understand the procedures and apply and share with others.

I know many people are having hard times nowadays, having bad CGPAs and No jobs and many of them have pressure from personal life due to any issues. Then, I want to say to you one thing as your well-wisher and an experienced person in this field. Just do not worry about your past and become slow, lazy, and incompetent by just looking at the past. Just put full focus on the future. Gather your energy and Start Applying.

I have been in a stage where I was stuck due to my risk-taking nature in the darkest room and I could not see the way out, jobless and personal problems and disgraces coming from them so much that I thought once that it is better I should have died, then I prayed hard, so hard that I realized that I have been heard. I gathered my energy and started again. So, in life, I will say that whenever such situations come, you are the one who is coming out of it alone and you know what it is like to be best in your darkest hours.

Story of a Scholarship holder Student!

One of my students, she was trying for two years, but with it, she updated her education to masters and did publications, so as a result, she got a scholarship in Australia. This is another example, I can give you many of them. So, I will advise you now on how to go through misery and troubles.

Million Dollar Advice For All International Students!

  • Just take a deep breath and follow mine Million Dollar Advice For All International Students and try to focus on thinking about options putting the pressure of home, money, parents, family away
  • Try to perform best in your darkest hours of life
  • Subscribe and join many scholarship websites and groups and open them and see what scholarships require and then compare what are you lacking in your profile
  • Work on those lackings, for example, English scores IELTS, TOEFL. Here is tips of IELTS Academic Test – Apply for Scholarship in Abroad
  • Work on enhancing your skills or take risks such as learning new skills such as programming etc
  • If CGPA is less, work on online courses and secure good grades in them. As abroad, they respect and give you a chance if you have good skills
  • Try to work more on your thesis with the help of your supervisor and foreign friends and try to publish the paper
  • Take admission in masters in a local university with one promise to yourself that you will not finish the masters unless you have publications from your master thesis
  • While doing a thesis you can keep on applying to master scholarships
  • While doing masters, you can go on exchange to other countries abroad and this would be the best thing
  • When you finish masters with publications, you can get a good Ph.D. scholarship as nowadays Ph.D. scholarships are more than MS
  • Make habit of reading and analyzing the things, I give you my personal experience, that when I used to email professors asking for funds, I used to read their profiles by spending many days and when I did email to them, I already knew the answer that either they would say YES or NO instantly, means reply must becoming.
  • Try, try, try again and again until you get it.
  • Lastly, do help others, I explain to you more my example.

If you have to ask things like “Which program is best for my field?” “Which scholarship is available?” “What is required in a master or a PhD”

Now you should get ready fo Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2020 2021 (Fully Funded)

Here are some scholarships don’t forget to apply:

A Guide for Young Students Aspiring Higher Education Abroad

These are Million Dollar Advice For All International Students! My background is engineering so engineering graduates might find it the most useful but I think, it is largely applicable in all fields) If you have to ask things like “Which program is best for my field?” “Which scholarship is available?” “What is required in a master or a PhD”. Frankly, you are not yet ready for even a consideration into such study programs abroad.

More frankly, I’ve also been through this stage in my career. So there is nothing wrong with thinking about such questions. However, here is the sequence of events that you should follow. After that, your questions would be more clear, goal-oriented, and to the point instead of being open-ended, generic, and not very useful. You may check our GUIDELINE SECTION FOR SCHOLARSHIP IN ABROAD.

  • Identify your areas of expertise (The subjects in BSc which gave you the highest grip and grades both)
  • Identify your areas of interest (The subjects in BSc which got you extremely interested and curious about them)
  • Finally, find the common subjects in above both categories and ask yourself: In which field out of these, will I never get bored even if it meant working my whole life into it? That is YOUR AREA. Note it down. Keep it safe
  • In the identified areas, start googling universities of different countries, relevant departments, faculty profile, their recent research publications (most important). Start studying those papers which seem most interesting to you
  • Meanwhile, try to do IELTS and GRE while you are doing all this. DO YOU KNOW DUE TO COVID-19 now United States Universities Waived GRE/GMAT.
  • Finally, you will shortlist the departments and professors, make research proposals in line with their current activities/ambitions. If interested, they will invite you to apply for admission
  • There you go but be ready mentally and be flexible enough because you might find yourself landing in an altogether different field than what you prepared for during this process. But that is the point: By following this procedure once, you have proved that you can follow it again and this is precisely what research is about. You can follow your personal interests and ambitions after your PhD

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The methodology presented above is mostly for top universities of America, Canada, Australia, Europe, or even the UK (sponsored research/degree). For other countries, it might be a little different or relaxed but it is still a better and recommended way of pursuing post-grad ambitions.



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