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Most Powerful Things Students Are Not Doing In Getting Scholarship?

Our students always ask about What We should do to get a scholarship in Abroad. Here we write in detail about it and We would advise you to first check Great Ways to Win a College Scholarship then come back here & follow all the list of tips written in this post for you.

Apply for International Summer Internships

Most of the top universities and research institutes in Europe and North America offer Fully Funded summer internships to undergraduate and masters students. Mostly these internships completely cover your expenses. During this internship, you’ll have to complete a research project under the supervision of a professor. It’s a great chance to prove your worth, enhance your CV, do research at a renowned institute, and gain international exposure.

Get Some International Certification 

A Golden Opportunity has come for you of Free short online courses from our website. Keep in mind having certifications without knowledge are worthless so don’t worry about certification just focus on knowledge. This time is precious for you to stay at home and keep yourself updating with current knowledge.

Please Have a look upon our List of Online Courses.

Apply for student exchange program:

Various international institutes offer an Exchange Program in Abroad in which you get to study and spend one semester at that university, where you study various elective courses out of your choice. You get international exposure and improve your soft skills.

Research Collaborations

This is really important. Why look for a potential supervisor within your university when there are millions of professors out there? Reach out to professors early in your degree, email them, discuss your interests, seek potential collaboration. Ask if they can co-supervise you, or maybe just collaborate with you on a research project. Then talk to your local supervisor and they’ll happily agree for collaboration.

The second best part is that you don’t have to worry about travel grants anymore, the foreign prof will do that for you. And the first best part is that you’ll get his name on your thesis, on your research article, and on your CV. You get their recommendations and you can even start a Ph.D. with them if you really impressed them during the course of your degree. Read here How to Write a Research Proposal?How to Build a CV?

Here is a picture:


 Summer Schools

A lot of International Conferences or specific research group communities offer Fully Funded Summer Schools in which their focus is to mentor students. Give them a perspective of what kind of research is being conducted in their area, how they can find a thesis topic, how they can build a research network, and more importantly how you can improve your soft skills.

Volunteer at conferences

Perks of volunteering is that you get partial funding, you get to meet and greet your favorite researchers in person. You get to attend the whole research conference and get new ideas and directions for your research. You also get to find new potential collaborations. To apply for United Nations Paid Volunteers Program For Novel Coronavirus 2020 (Fully Funded)

Poster Presentations

Young researchers should present their ideas and initials research findings at local conferences within Pakistan. Your research doesn’t always have to be a journal paper. Start with a poster! You get a chance to have early feedback and also potential collaborations.

If You Have To Ask Things Like

  • “Which program is best for my field?”
  • “Which scholarship is available?”
  • “What is required in a master or a PhD”

A Guide for Young Students Aspiring Higher Education Abroad, My background is engineering so engineering graduates might find it the most useful but I think, it is largely applicable in all fields.

If you have to ask things like “Which program is best for my field?” “Which scholarship is available?” “What is required in a master’s or a PhD” Frankly, you are not yet ready for even a consideration into such study programs abroad. More frankly, I’ve also been through this stage in my career. So there is nothing wrong with thinking about such questions. However, here is the sequence of events that you should follow.

After that, your questions would be more clear, goal-oriented and to the point instead of being open-ended, generic and not very useful

  •  Identify your areas of expertise (The subjects in BSc which gave you the highest grip and grades both)
  • Identify your areas of interest (The subjects in BSc which got you extremely interested and curious about them)
  • Finally, find the common subjects in above both categories and ask yourself: In which field out of these, will I never get bored even if it meant working my whole life into it? That is YOUR AREA. Note it down. Keep it safe
  • In the identified areas, start googling universities of different countries, relevant departments, faculty profile, their recent research publications (most important). Start studying those papers which seem most interesting to you
  • Meanwhile, try to do IELTS and GRE For this We would recommend you to join IELTS and TOEFL /GRE Preparation Classes
  • Finally, you will shortlist the departments and professors, make research proposals in line with their current activities/ambitions. If interested, they will invite you to apply for admission.
  • There you go but be ready mentally and be flexible enough because you might find yourself landing in an altogether different field than what you prepared for during this process.

Now here is a list of scholarships you may apply for it now:

But that is the point: By following this procedure once, you have proved that you can follow it again and this is precisely what research is about. You can follow your personal interests and ambitions after your Ph.D.

The methodology presented above is mostly for top universities of America, Canada, Australia, Europe, or even the UK (sponsored research/degree). For other countries, it might be a little different or relaxed but it is still a better and recommended way of pursuing your ambitions