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Sample Email To Professor For Scholarship & Research Assistantship

Hello OD Followers! I thought to write this article on demand of many students who inbox us and asked us Sample Email To Professor For Scholarship? How to write an Email to Professor?/ How To Contact supervisor? How to contact a professor for a Scholarship? So This article is based on my personal experience as I am doing a Master in Electrical Engineering from China So I would like to share this with my fellow friends.

I also take help from my other fellow friends who came here in China for MS & PhD scholarships. So before talking about Sample Email To Professor For Scholarship & Research Assistantship I would say please you must have an official Email. If you don’t have so please at least your real name should be in your Email For Example Your i.e. “” 

Tips of Sample Email To Professor For Scholarship & Research Assistantship 

Your email should start with your introduction. Who are you, which degree you are pursuing or which degree you have already completed? Then mention your achievement e.g. if you have a good CGPA or if you have secured Gold Medal or any other achievement you think will make your profile strong.

Remember, if you have a good CGPA or any other achievement which shows you are academically strong, do mention it. The achievement can be the scholarship you availed in any country. Make the text bold for your achievement.

If you are pursuing the degree, you can then write about your Research for example, I am currently working on a thesis titled “Automation System”. Then you can write the status of your thesis in terms of publication For This Check How To Write Research Proposal

In the second paragraph, Explain your research work in 2 or 3 lines, what topic you are actually working on and what tools you are using to solve your problem either simulation or analytical or any other tool.

If you have done some research-related job or if you have attended any summer school or you are an international exchange student, mention explicitly and what work you had/you are doing in this job. To Get Free Certification From International University Enroll Here United Nations Online Courses 2020 (Verified)

If some of your research work is in pipeline, mention it. Then finally, if you want, you can tell about the tools you are good at and research interests you are interested in. For example, if you are good at programming mention the programming language or your level of expertise in it.

Sample Email To Professor For Scholarship is given at end of posts also tell the professor that you have seen his profile and your research interest matches with your research interests and ask him politely if he has some PhD position in his research group.

Must Attach your updated CV and transcripts for your bachelor/master’s. Check Here How to make an effective CV. Must Attach good recommendation Letters Check Here. 

Tips & Tricks of How To Write Email to Supervisor

  • Always be concise and clear in what you are saying. Try to explain your points with simple language and reread your email if you can understand easily what you have written.
  • Make the text BOLD if you have some achievement e.g. high CGPA, gold medal, exchange student, scholarship and most important publications if you have any.
  • Don’t make any grammatical mistakes as professors always appreciate good English skills.

Sample Email Is Below

Respected Professor _Name________

I hope you are doing well. I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Electrical program in _______ university. I have completed my coursework with 3.7/4.0 CGPA and secured a scholarship/gold medal. Currently, I am pursuing my thesis titled “Automation System”, which resulted in the publication of 1 conference paper in XYZ venue. My research interest includes machine learning, digital signal processing etc.

In my thesis, I have worked on the integration of XYZ technology with another xyz technology and measured its performance and sensitivity analysis in terms of xyz parameter etc. Currently, I am working as Research Assistant/ Exchange scholar at xyz University on an xyz project. In this project, I have worked on this technology and research topic etc. My area of research is currently focused on xyz.

I am currently writing a Journal paper on xyz technology to integrate with another xyz technology, which is to be submitted. I am also working on the extension of my previously accepted work which focuses on xyz Moreover, I have good analytical skills and I am an expert in a python programming language.

I got my inspiration by visiting your profile and found that your research interest in xyz is relevant to my research area. I believe there are a number of similarities between your specialization and my research interest and I was wondering if you have any PhD/MS positions for me in your research group. Attached to the email is my CV and transcript for both master/bachelor’s for your kind consideration. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time.


“Mention Your Name”

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