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Science Behind Securing Fully Funded Scholarship In USA Universities For International Students

There is NO Science Behind Securing Fully Funded Scholarship In USA Universities For International Students. One of the biggest mistake students make is that they always target the top ranked universities in Canada/USA. The professors from these universities are very demanding and I had a talk with a professor from university of Toronto. He asked me to search for a PhD student from India or Pakistan but his demands were: student should have a high CGPA, he should have taken all the required courses relevant to the PhD project he/She have some experience in terms of internships etc

Above all, he said the research area of the student should match with me so that I don’t have to put effort in teaching him things he doesn’t know as it saves time. Therefore, its good to target top ranked universities but professors of these universities are very choosy in hiring MS/PhD students and it is not always the best decision. Always put more focus on mediocre universities as they have funding and professors are willing to take students.

Another advice is to target young professors who have just started their academic career. The reason is that since they have recently started their academic career, they will put more focus on research to polish their own profile and if you are lucky enough, this young blood will guide you in your MD/PhD better. Moreover, based on my personal experience, young professors who have just established their labs are always looking for MS/PhD students and they are not so choosy as compared to other big professors.

If you are looking for Fully Funded Scholarship In USA Make a list of universities in every state of Canada/USA i.e. list of universities in Quebec, List of universities in Ontario etc. It will allow you to target mediocre universities in each state of Canada. Moreover, go to every university website, shortlist all the professors related to your field.

The thing is, if the professor is interested in your profile, he will arrange a Skype interview. You don’t have to pay the application fee for all the universities because you are just looking for the professor. Once the professor is agreed to supervise you, then you are going to apply in the university and pay the application fee. If professor has accepted you as a MS/PhD student, your admission is 100% secure. Even if some document is missing in application, you will be granted conditional admission letter.

For most of the universities you don’t require GRE. However, you need to take IELTS exam before start applying for MS/PhD or even you can take the exam later while applying for university admission. Most of the universities also accept English Proficiency Certificate i.e DUOLINGO English Proficiency Test CHECK HERE. But you have to check the English language requirement for each university.

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Securing Fully Funded Scholarship In USA/Canada is not difficult but you really have to put effort in reaching a professor and convince him to take you as a MS/PhD student. If you are lucky enough, you will get reply from the first professor you are writing to however, if you don’t get a reply, try try again. If you dont know How to Email professor So CHECK HERE.

Securing a fully funded MS/PhD scholarship in Canada/USA is not difficult. You just need to focus on few important things in order to make your profile outstanding. Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind before writing the emails to the professors in Canada.

Recommendation Letters Matter A Lot: After meeting the professors from different universities in US and Canada, I got to know about one important thing. Recommendation letter is very important for the professors, specially from US and Canada. If you have a really good recommendation letter, your chances of being selected for a MS/PhD position are increased already. CHECK HERE About Recommendation Letters Format & Tips.

It should be noted that the person who is providing a recommendation letter for you, should have a direct connection with you, i.e., he should know you personally. The best-case scenario is, choose the professor for the recommendation letter who has worked with you in some research project e.g. your research supervisor, co-supervisor or your research collaborator.

DO NOT take the recommendation letter from a random professor in your university. This piece of document is very important, that’s why most of the universities prefer it in a sealed envelope. Moreover, if some professor ask you to provide a recommendation letter directly in the email, give him the email id of your research supervisor or your collaborator (who knows you personally) and ask him to directly ask for the recommendation letter.

On the other hand, you can ask your research supervisor to send the recommendation letter directly to your future Professor. This is a really good thing because it gives a good impression on your future PhD professor and this is how it is done professionally.

Research based CV/Resume: Before writing emails to the Professors, please make sure your CV/Resume is research based. It means that you need to show those skills, which professor wants in his future MS/PhD students and which will be helpful for your PhD too. CHECK HERE about Effective CV/Resume Tips.

You need to explain your research projects briefly and what tools you used in those research projects. It can be your analytical skills, programming skills or if you have command over some software related to your field. Moreover, if you are currently working on some research paper, do mention it and its current status e.g. writing in progress/ submitted/ etc. CHECK HERE to know What’s should be in Research Proposal.

Please do not write “Microsoft Office Expert”. Moreover, please don’t lie in your CV because most of the times, when professor arranges a skype interview with you, he goes through your CV and asks you about the skills. He can also ask questions related to your skills. Finally, you can always mention your industry experience but if that experience is not going to benefit you in your PhD journey, it is the least thing professor will care about.

Be Polite and Don’t Exaggerate: In many emails, I have seen that the students exaggerate about their skills. You should be polite in your email. Moreover, do not make your email look like you are ordering the professor to hire you. Always use the words PLEASE and KINDLY in your email. You should not brag about yourself. Never !!!. It should be your CV which is telling the professor that you are a hard working student and really deserve the position you are applying at.

Finally, never ever make the grammatical mistakes in the email. Your writing skills matter a lot.

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