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A World of Career Opportunities at IU International University of Applied Sciences. If you are looking to advance the career path of your choice with an international degree, then IU is the place for you. Whether you are seeking a new career, looking to become a leader or just want to improve your financial situation, IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) can give you what you need for a successful career.

To find success in an increasingly globalised and digitalised planet, people need an education that prepares them for the working world. For over 20 years, IU has recognised this and been at the forefront of ensuring such education for students everywhere.

IU currently has 70,000 students enrolled in its study programmes, all studying for a reputable, international degree from an accredited German university. IU provides a variety of digital resources that can be accessed at any time, a large online library, and an online learning environment for students to find documents and material—plus forums to chat.

IU’s career-focused curriculum aims to give you practical knowledge and insights, improve your soft skills, and prepare you for future work opportunities. You can also build a network using student forums and social groups. IU believes no one should be made to sacrifice a chance at improving their career prospects, no matter their circumstances.

Scholarships of up to 80% help students from a wide range of backgrounds and situations afford their tuition. Find out more about eligibility criteria for IU scholarships and application processes on the IU website.

Study in Germany for a Post-Study Work Visa

At IU, you have the option to study at one of two campuses, for most programmes offered. Study at its Bad Honnef or Berlin campus for as many semesters of your degree as you want, so you can get the best of both experiences. Studying on campus offers you the chance to create a network within Germany and boost your career prospects there.

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What’s more, is that if you study in Germany with IU for your final semester, you have the chance to remain in the country for 18 months after you graduate to search for a new career.

IU’s on-campus option also offers you the chance to take advantage of its Career Office. They offer a career boost in the shape of contact with employers and partner companies, career fairs, and alumni talks. You can also find careers guidance, help with your CV, and featured job postings.

Hear from IU Alumni

Laura Flottmann, a B.A. International Management graduate had this to say, “The numerous presentations, panel discussions and group projects also gave me a lot of self-confidence, so I can assert me in everyday working life.”

Want to work and study too?

Good news, with IU online programmes you can choose between three study models. If you want to study full time, or if you are looking to work full time and study on the side, you can study full-time or part-time.

This way you can structure your studies around a timetable that suits your lifestyle and commitments. Plus, you can also say when you want to take your exams online to make sure that you are completely prepared to succeed.

If you are looking for a degree that equips you with what you need for a successful career and supports you along the way, look no further than IU.

To Apply Please Visit IU University Scholarship.

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