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Biggest Scholarships in the World 2022 (Fully Funded) – Opportunity Desk

We have discovered the Biggest Scholarships in the World 2022. Every scholarship is important but few of them are the largest Scholarship in the World. All Nationality Holders are eligible for these Fully Funded Scholarships. We have a list of Scholarships Without IELTS and you don’t need to pay Any Registration Fee. 

But with so many Opportunities students finds it difficult to find out worth applying for. All the expenses will be covered by University and with the help of the Ministry of Education. Through Biggest Scholarships in the World, you are able to gain the Education that they Never Even Dreamed of having. There are many Federal, State and private organization that offers a variety of Scholarships to pursue Undergraduate, Graduate & Ph.D.

Thousands of Biggest Scholarships in the World out there for International applicants. But all are not equal. Some Programs provide much more than others. There are some Prestigious Opportunities. We have selected Top Best and Biggest Scholarships in the World for you. These Scholarships are available on an annual basis. The List of Prestigious Scholarships is given below.

List of Biggest Scholarships in the World 2022 Details

Applicants with having strong Academic profile can apply for these scholarships. You will get the following benefits.

  • Living Expenses Covered
  • Full Tuition Fee Covered
  • Airfare: One Economy Round Trip
  • Medical Insurance, Research Fund, Thesis Printing Fees, Settlement and Returning Expenses.

1# Sweeden Government Scholarship

This scholarship is available in All-Academic Fields, You can choose whatever you want to. Go ahead in the future. Full-Time Master degree programs from Sweeden Universities.

  • Deadline: 10th February 2022
  • For More Information: Visit Here

2# Eiffel French Government Scholarship

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme 2021 is for Undergraduate students & for Master level students to pursue their degree in Fully Funded Masters scholarships & Fully Funded Ph.D. scholarships in France.

  • Deadline: 7th January 2022
  • For More Information: Visit Here

3# Government of Austria Scholarship

Applicants can apply for Undergraduate, Master & Ph.D. Degree Programs. A great fortune to study in Austria. Austria is a Member of the European Union. This is a Short Term Research grant in Austria. The duration of this Grant can be 1 year or 5 Months Depending upon the degree.

  • Deadline: 1st March 2022
  • For More Information: Visit Here

4# Government of Ireland

The duration of the Irish Government Scholarship is the One Year Taught Master Program, Undergraduate Program, One Year Research Program or 3-4 Year PhD. Programme There is No Registration Fee. 60 Scholarships will be awarded to Applicants through Higher Education Authority (HEA).

  • Deadline: 21st October 2021
  • For More Information: Visit Here

5# Swiss Government Scholarship

Applicants will have a wide range of Academic choices to apply for a scholarship. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2022 is a very Prestigious Scholarship. It is sponsored by the Federal Commission of Scholarships (FCS) in collaboration with the Swiss government to Pursue a Master & Ph.D. Degree.

For More Information: Visit Here

6# Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship gives chance to International Students to Study in three Different Universities in 3 Different Countries from the European Union. Erasmus is a Fully Funded Program. You will get an Opportunity to Study Master’s & Ph.D. Degree in Different Universities. You don’t need to contact the Professor to get this Scholarship.

For More Information: Visit Here

7# Colombia Government Scholarships

Undertake Master’s & Ph.D. Level Degree Program in Any Course. Get these Fully Funded Colombia Scholarships without more delay. The scholarship will cover your’s All expenses. You don’t need to worry about Study abroad expenses. Start your Study Adventure in Columbia. 50 International Scholarships will be provided. Universities in Columbia offer World ClassHigher Education.

Visit: Foreign Colombia Government Scholarships 

8# Georgia Government Scholarship 

Believe it or not, but you can earn a Degree from this Peach State more affordable. Georgia state residents and international students are both eligible for these Scholarships. Georgia is a country located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Applicants having any Citizenship can apply.

Visit: Georgia Government Scholarship 

9# Malta Government Scholarship  

Malta is gaining popularity among international students due to Maltas’ High Rated Education. Malta Scholarship is open to apply for Bachelor, Master & Post Doctoral Degree. Scholarship in Malta is the best opportunity for those applicants who don’t have Good Grades. Malta has a few universities located in other countries as well.

Visit: Malta Government Scholarship

10# Government of Canada Scholarships

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is offering up to 166 Fully Funded Scholarships To International Students. Applicants belonging to Any Nationality are Eligible. Canadian Resident and International Applicants all are eligible for these Canadian scholarships. You have 59 Universities to choose your course for Study.

Visit: Government of Canada Scholarships 

11# Hong Kong Government Scholarships 

The purpose of this Scholarship in Hong Kong from the Government of HK is to undertake a Doctorate Degree in Research. Hong Kong Ph.D. scholarships for international students will provide a Monthly Stipend and a conference and a research-related travel allowance per year for each awardee for a period of up to 3 years.

Visit: Hong Kong Government Scholarships

12# Singapore Government Scholarship 

Did You ever think that the Singapore Government will provide 240 Scholarships to Start their Study in Singapore in 2022? The Scholarship is available to Study Masters, Masters Leading to Ph.D. or Direct Ph.D. All the Expenses will be covered.

Visit: Singapore Government Scholarship

Government of Russia Scholarship 2022 

“Global Universities” Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation offers Open Doors Russian Scholarship for International Students. The scholarship is available on the basis of competition to pursue a Master’s and PhD degree.

Visit: Government of Russia Scholarship

List of the other Foreign Government Scholarships For Bachelors, Masters, PhD

1. Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships for Undergraduate Students Japan Between May and June
2. Tianjin Government Scholarship Program China Between May and June
3. Chinese Government Scholarship China Between February and March
4. Zhengzhou University President Scholarship China Between May and June
5. Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship China Between May and June
6. Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarship Business School UK Between April and June
7. Dean’s Indian Scholarship, University of Strathclyde UK Between May and August
8. The Rhodes Scholarships University of Oxford UK Between May and July
9. Tel Aviv University Summer Program Scholarship Israel Between May and June
10. Israel Government Scholarships Israel Between October and November
11. Italian Government Scholarship Italy Between April and May
12. Mexican Government Scholarships for International Students Mexico Between July and September
13. Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) South Korea Between February and March
14. Brazilian Government Scholarship Brazil Between July and August
15. UCC Ireland Meritorious Scholarship Ireland Between March and May
16. Trinity College Dublin Scholarship Ireland Between March and May
17. Deakin University Merit Scholarship Australia Between October and December
18. UNSW Future of Change India Scholarships Australia Between May and July
19. The University of Bristol Think Big Undergraduate Scholarships UK Between May and June
20. Undergraduate Global Excellence Scholarship Business School UK Between April and June

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