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Google Scholarships | Google Announced 100,000 Scholarships Opportunity Desk

A Big Opportunity From Google has announced about 100,000 Fully Funded Google Scholarships. This is Giant News for you because in this COVID-19 Second Wave, unemployment is increasing but Google is giving this 100,1000 Scholarships for International students to earn the Highest Salary. Are you interested to achieve this International Opportunity? If, Yes, We will explain everything because COVID-19 has broughtPositive Impact on Education System in the United States of America.

Big Think! Many students cannot afford expenses to study in USA that is why Google launched this scheme for students. I Am really excited to tell you many USA Universities has opened its free Online Education Platform for International Students. It is Online Scholarship you will earn a degree equivalent to Degree Holder students & Definitely you will get Certification without Spending Money on USA Visa & Travel costs.

While Google has released No Specific Requirements for enrollment in these courses. You can finish this training within 2 to 3 months. These Online Scholarships Don’t require Any Specific Qualification of a College or University degree from you. America is filling this gap to Give Job opportunities to diverse people who have good skills. High Tech companies are Unable to find enough qualified candidates to fill the necessary positions. The new suite of courses will train students in the skills necessary.

How To Achieve 100,000 Google Scholarships?

  1. These Scholarships are Fully Sponsored by Google Company.
  2. The total Number of Scholarships is 100,000. Which are enough for all of you But I would advise you don’t see the Number of Scholarships Just focus on applying and get the certification.
  3. It is Online E-Learning Platform Education.

There is Much news daily in a different article related to the USA but the USA is providing Scholarships in huge Numbers for Different Countries Students. You Can See 10 Tuition Free Universities in the USA For International Students 2020

About These Google Scholarships From Employees of Google

Many Big companies of the United States of America like Google have also introduced  Full Free scholarships. Last Year CEO of Upwork said at World Economic Forum For future workforce Skills would be a matter a lot not pre-college degree”. To cover this Gap Many Institutes turns Online Courses Scholarship the same Google did this year for you.

Same like Google Silicon Valley a giant IT Company also created its own certification course of Coursera to teach people IT support skills.

According to Employee “The Google Certificate program has become the single most popular certificate on Coursera, and thousands of people have found new jobs and increased their earnings after completing the course”

As part of the initiative, the company has committed $10 million in job training grants. The grants will help women, veterans, and underrepresented groups obtain job skills relevant to today’s in-demand positions.

Most of the Universities are already announce their Scholarship Programs. While most of the Universities are still looking at the Current Situation and deciding what to do.

In fact, Many Organisations have Launched Free Online Internships with Certificates.

Worth of These Google Courses

  • These are equivalent to a university degree
  • You don’t need to pay for any registration fee
  • Only focus on Skills making.
  • They won’t require a degree to enroll.
  • It is online and will be taught by Google Staff.

You can improve your Portfolio by adding these course certifications If you want to learn how to Make Good CV. So you need to participate in many Volunteers, Internships, and Free International Courses Certification.

Brief Introduction About Job Role & Salary

Google is giving Skills in some basic fields mention below. So you can gain some IT Skills to compete with the world It technicians and you can earn a good salary.

  • Data Analytics
  • Project Management
  • User Experience (UX) Design

Data Analytics

A Data Analyst interprets data and turns it into information. An Average salary of Data Analytics at the start is $60,000 Per Year & can earn up to $70,000. Your salary will increase every year Do you know “The lowest-paid Google employees are Entry Levels at $51,000″

User Experience (UX) Design

UX-UI Designers are generally responsible for collecting, researching, investigating, and evaluating user requirements. Google says a UX designer can earn $75,000 a year.

Project Management

project manager is a person who has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closure of a project. Google says that project managers can earn $93,000 a year.

Selection Criteria

  • No Pre-college /University Degree required. There is NO nationality Restriction
  • Only Gaining Skills matter on Google.
  • No Work Experience Matter.
  • The duration of these Online courses is 3 To 6 Months.

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How To Apply For Google Scholarships?

This Scholarships News is shared by many Big companies like Forbes, CNN. So we thought to share it with you. Please enroll in these courses free of cost as many as you can easily. GOOGLE is giving these courses free of cost with the collaboration of Coursera. Click on Below Orange Button To Apply.




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