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How To Win Scholarships? Tips of Scholarships Guaranteed To Win.

How To Win Scholarships? Musa need a Fully Funded Scholarship in Europe. From his childhood his aim was to travel abroad but free of cost. He knew that he had to work hard to get a scholarship but he was always busy. He had to travel to his university, attend lectures, do his part-time job, and when he came home, it was already time to go sleep. Then the Coronavirus came and he had a break.

He has No work now. So it is easy to win scholarships in university of abroad. There are a lot of best scholarships websites after applying you can avail Merit Based scholarships. Also I would suggest you to visit OpportunityDesk to apply in fully funded opportunities.

Now, when he finally has some time, he is not sure how to start working to achieve his goals. To all the students who are hard working and need full free scholarship. This article will tell you what to do right now to win a scholarship. Here are 5 simple things:

Tips of Scholarships Guaranteed To Win

• Read Books

What if Bill gates can teach you programming in the morning, Warren Buffet gives you home tuition in the evening, and just before you go to bed, Barack Obama teaches you leadership. These people and many other intellectuals (even the dead ones) have written books about their years of experience. You can download them free of cost in PDF online.

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• Write Paper

Publishing is becoming more and more important every day. A publication in a reputed journal can boost your career, especially if you want to get a PhD scholarship. Try publishing your bachelors or master thesis in the form of a paper. Take guidance from your teachers and seniors (who are more likely to help you these days) to improve your paper. If you don’t like research, you can write blogs (like this one). If nothing, practice writing motivation letters and CVs.

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• Improve Your Soft Skills

In 2014, I went to LUMS to attend training in molecular biology. They had very good communication and leadership skills. They, however, lacked in the technical or subject related skills but what’s the importance of knowing everything when you can’t even communicate it. This is probably the reason for the high employ ability of LUMS (and other private universities) graduates. So take this Coronavirus break as an opportunity to work on yourself and your skills. Read books, attend Free online courses, and practice with your friends. This will help you excel in scholarships and job interviews.

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• Attend Free Online Courses with Certificates

We, the students, always complain about how we have a poor education system. Our teachers do not have the necessary skills required to teach a particular subject. Thanks to technology, you can attend lectures online from the world’s famous professors of MIT, Harvard, etc. Moreover, a specific course is always a good addition to our otherwise general degrees. It is a fact that students with a relevant online course have more chances of getting a scholarship.

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• Prepare For Professional Tests

Many scholarships require you to have IELTS or GRE. Whenever these tests are not compulsory, they improve your chances of selection. Under normal circumstances, we are too busy to prepare for these, rather difficult, tests. This Covid-19 crisis is your best chance to prepare for these tests online and finally get a scholarship that you always wanted.



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