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How To Write a Personal Statement for Scholarship

Your Personal Statement is one of the principal things International Universities will see when concluding whether to offer you a Fully Funded Scholarship. This is your opportunity to sell yourself and Express to them who you are. We know this can be tricky to do. So we asked to our International Scholarship Holder Friends to share some personal statement examples.

A personal Statement or Letter of motivation is a main key element for selection criteria in any scholarship to abroad. Don’t Plagiarize content while writing in the statement of purpose. And write unique about your life, passion, and hard work.

Many people are confused about personal statements, that what is a personal statement or statement of purpose, and how to write a personal statement. A personal statement is also called a statement of purpose.


Let me tell you in brief and in easy words about the personal statements. “Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose consists of the Following Things:

  • Introduction
  • Bio
  • Educational background
  • your achievements
  • and your interest in attending a particular program.

You have to describe these all things in just 250-300 words.” Depending on the Scholarship requirement it can be 500 words or 700 can be. Move forward directly towards that how to write a Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose.

Here are personal statements examples. Download the MS Word File.

Download Personal Statement-1

Download Personal Statement-2

Personal Statement Format – How to Start a Personal Statement:

  • Don’t spend too long on the introduction.
  • Concentrate on the main content of your statement and write the introduction last.
  • The best statements tend to be genuine and specific from the very start.
  • So you’ll be on the right track if you explain your enthusiasm for the subject or course, your understanding of it and what you want to achieve from it.

What to Include in Personal Statement for Scholarship?

  • Short Intro
  • Educational Background
  • Achievements
  • How this Program will help you in your future goals
  • The benefit of attending the Program

What Do & Don’t to Include in personal Statement?

  • Don’t need to mention your name studying at XYZ University doing XYZ etc.
  • Write what comes Naturally.
  • Be specific from line one.
  • Go straight in.
  • Don’t discuss about yours too much
  • Explain everything in short paragraphs.

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