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IU Fully Funded Germany Scholarship 2022 Opportunity Desk

Your Chance to Make 2022 Your Year Has Just Been Extended – Up to 80% off tuition with IU International University of Applied Sciences. After a tough couple of years, lots of people are changing things up, boosting their career or training for a new one. IU International University of Applied Sciences has been helping people to do just that and due to high demand, they are extending their offer for you to get up to

Total Flexibility – Learn Your Way 

Whether you are going to uni for the first time, working full time and using a degree to upskill, or have family commitments you have to fit your studies around, IU’s multiple flexible study models mean everyone has the same chances to succeed. You can study online anytime, anywhere, even taking exams when it suits you best. You have three-time models to choose from, depending on how much time per week you can commit to studying.

If you want to build a network and experience life in Germany, you can also take advantage of IU’s flexible on-campus option. You decide on a semester-by-semester basis if you want to study online or on one of their campuses in Berlin or Bad Honnef. With the opportunity to work in small study groups and have one-on-one time with your lecturer, this option offers you a more personal touch.

Your personal and professional networks will also be taken to the next level, attending networking events and career fairs, as well as being able to work part-time to fund your studies and get experience at a company in the world’s fourth-largest economy.

Make a Huge Difference to Your Prospects with a German Accredited Degree 

IU’s degrees are state and system-accredited. This is a testament to the high-quality resources and teaching on offer, which was required to meet stringent standards. IU has students from 153 countries because their degrees are also internationally recognized. So, wherever you are in the world, you will stand out from other job applicants.
What makes IU’s degrees really special is how they are designed to set you up for a successful future career.

Their curricula are a good mix of theory and practice, using relevant case studies to prepare you for real-life working situations. There is also a focus on employable, future-focused skills, all their offered courses will teach you skills in line with the latest developments in the field, taught by experienced lecturers.

Become another one of the huge numbers of people taking control of their futures in 2022 with IU, sign up today and save up to 80%. Visit the Official Link to Apply.

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