Supervisor Acceptance for Australian Graduate RTP Scholarship 2020

This post is about WHAT, WHY, and, HOW to get the RTP Scholarship 2020 supervisor’s acceptance. Usually, I used to share my personal experiences with you. This is purely to give a pathway hint, and/or to motivate people to apply for Fully funded Scholarship in Australia. I will share the one here as well, later on. Australia has a lot more to offer than sun, sea, and sand. With world-class research centers and internationally ranked universities, the country is also a vibrant hub for research and scholarship.

Therefore, getting a Higher Degree by Research at any Australian university can give you plenty more than just an international degree. Now come to the nucleus of the post – among WHAT, WHY, and HOW, I will focus on the HOW part. WHAT is Supervisor Acceptance? The very first step for your Australian HDR application is to contact a potential supervisor in your selected university.

Most of the universities don’t allow you to put your application unless you get the supervisor’s acceptance. It is to make sure that the university has adequate resources available for your proposed research project. WHY get the Supervisor’s Acceptance?
There are 2 types of HDR research projects you can apply for. One is your own project idea converted into an HDR research proposal and the other is a university’s proposed project.

RTP Scholarship 2020 For Which You Can Apply For Acceptance Letter

More than 90% of the Australian universities need you to get the acceptance from a potential supervisor mostly in both of the cases before you apply for the admission. This is because of the two major reasons:
  • University gives more weight to its strategic research and development plans – as every university has some specialized focus of research.
  • University wants you to prepare such a research proposal that fits into the university’s circle in terms of resourcefulness and strategies as well. That is why you need to get a supervisor’s acceptance before submitting your application.

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How To Get the Supervisor Acceptance?

The most viable and reliable way to contact potential supervisors for RTP Scholarship 2020 is to email them. However, you have to search for them before writing the email. There are a number of ways you can search for your potential supervisors. To me, the following is the best way: For instance, I want to search for a supervisor related to the computer science domain and my major is artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data analytics, or related fields, etc.
  • Google “University of Queensland Computer Science Research” – you will get computer science or computer science research page link in the first few search results
  • Visiting the Computer Science department’s Research page, you may find the research groups, research labs, research strengths, or sometimes research projects.
  • Visit the relevant group, lab, strength, or project to your major.
  • Go to the people/staff page for the respective group, lab, strength, or project
  • Find out the relevant professor and contact them via email (I am not going in detail for how to write an email or make the first contact).
  • Usually, on the university’s official page, professors may not have provided in-detail information about their research – then, you should try locating their personal web page (it may be within the university’s domain or sometimes personal website) that can give you the detailed information about their research. Sometimes, the professor’s post Ph.D. positions on their personal web pages.
The viewpoint is the more you select the relevant supervisor, the brighter the chances of acceptance.

Personal Advice For You

  • Contacting a potential supervisor for RTP Scholarship 2020 and getting acceptance before applying is of a lot more significance than you think. I have personally experienced it since 2018. I will not intentionally mention the name of the University, department, or supervisor.
  • I applied to a University in 2018 and the supervisor was the Director of Research with the designation “Professor”. I got acceptance just in 2 days. Then I applied for the admission and scholarship, however, unluckily, I didn’t get the scholarship.
  • In 2019, I contacted the same professor again and shared my improved profile in terms of research papers and experience. Once again, I got acceptance from the same professor – applied with no luck, however, I kept improving my profile in terms of research papers, Coursera courses, and professional experience.
  • In 2020, I contacted again the same professor and still got acceptance the third time. Also, I had asked my supervisor for some research collaboration and received a positive response.
  • Then after receiving the review comments of the professor on my research work, I submitted a research paper in a Journal (under review) by including the name of that professor. If you don’t know about Research Proposal Check Here.
  • The reason to mention this personal experience is that the more you are connected to a potential supervisor, the brighter are the chances. Importantly, I shared just a single university experience whereas, actually, I had 2-3 more.
  • Last but not the least, some professors are thinking ahead of you. You may be thinking of getting acceptance for Ph.D. only (usually 3-4 years).
  • However, one supervisor had asked me, that if I am able to align my research idea as per her intentions, the Ph.D. position may be converted and continued as a Research Fellow/Post-Doc position at the end my study with the funding by ARC (professor’s quoting after this paragraph).
  • You know what is ARC, it is one of the big fish of the two main fishes (agencies) for competitively allocating research funding to academics and researchers at Australian universities.

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Professor’s quoting:

In general, one PhD student’s Ph.D. research often leads to one ARC proposal at the end of their study. The fund can continue the Ph.D. graduate in their research fellow position. So, I often specify the Ph.D. topic for my PhD students with medium-term research potential. That is to say, the research can last for a few years with a well-recognized novelty and significance.

Thus, keep calm and strengthen your relationship with the potential supervisor. Do your best efforts and leave all the rest on God. I believe GOD never let our efforts go in vain.


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