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How To Get Scholarship In Japan – Complete Guideline

How To Get Scholarship In Japan? Japan Scholarships for Masters, PhD, and MS leading to PhD 2021 Via MEXT University Channel, MEXT JICA, MEXT Top Global Scholarships & Others are inviting international students from All across the world. We are discussing here just a few major Fully Funded Japan scholarships. Remember that there is a lot of other scholarships on Japanese University websites to be explored. All of these scholarships are more than fully funded & more than enough to live with family in Japan and you can do savings as well.

Japan is one of the few countries in the World in which the number of international students is on increase. So, the Next Year is the Year of Japan for International students. One interesting thing that you can work for 28 hours a week while studying on these scholarships and per hour payment in Japan is approximately 12$. Also, there are chances of getting immigration to Japan after getting graduated from Japanese Universities.

Dear all, As MEXT Embassy Recommendation Scholarships, have been over. Let’s check other scholarships in Japan. Different Types of Scholarships are open or going to open. Just give a brief description of them below. Almost all the majors are available for you, All nationalities holders can apply for these Undergraduate, Master & Post Doctoral degree scholarship. You have to check university websites to check which majors are offered under which scholarships. But before this Japanese Scholarship I would recommend you to check out this article How To Win Scholarships? Tips of Scholarships Guaranteed To Win

Let’s Have a look upon List of Japanese Scholarships

MEXT Embassy Recommended 

Applications are already closed for the 2021 session. Selections are being carried out now. Wait for embassy calls.

MEXT University Recommended

MEXT is one of the Prestigious Scholarships and graduates from Japan are highly employable. MEXT offers fully funded highly Masters, PhD or MS leading to PhD Scholarships. There are many different types of it. A few have been discussed below. Also, see some helping material for university recommendation at the end of the post
Also MEXT has no fixed quota or seats if students are recommended by the university channel in a good number. We will have more representation in MEXT. MEXT university recommended can be of different types but mainly three types are below:

University Centralized. You find the universities in Japan which are almost 775 universities and see the MEXT University recommended procedures on their websites and apply as directed on websites. In this case, you do not need to contact professors in Japan and apply them directly. Also if you contact the professors, they will tell you to apply through centralized university applications. Many universities have already opened or opening soon for university recommended MEXT. Keep an eye on websites of the universities & offers posted on the Scholarship Network Group. Normally, when you apply for MEXT university recommended, the university selects you as its MEXT candidate and sends your name to the MEXT Main selection committee, and in MEXT Main selection committee the final selection among all the recommendations from the universities in Japan are made. Apply For MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship 2021 For Bs, Ms & PhD

Professor Recommended: In most of the cases, you contact the professors at universities in Japan and they recommend you for MEXT university side applications. You fill the university MEXT recommended forms with the consent of a Japanese professor or professor himself fills up the forms and recommends you. In any case, it is always good to contact the professors for Masters & Ph.D. degrees.

JICA-MEXT Collaboration: One of the best options. JICA is selecting students and its affiliated Institutes, Colleges Students can apply to the MEXT scholarship under JICA. This very handsome amount scholarship as JICA offers more money along with MEXT scholarship money. Also, it offers Fully Funded Internships anywhere in the World during the degree. Also, it offers points for immigration to Japan

Apply For Tokyo University of Tehnology Scholarship in Japan 2020 (Fully Funded) 

List of Universities under JICA

  • Kobe University
  • Osaka University
  • SOKENDAI, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Nagoya Institute of Technology 6. Okayama University
  • Kyoto Institute of Technology
  • Kyoto University
  • Toyohashi University of Technology
  • Kanazawa University
  • The University of Kitakyushu
  • Kyushu University
  • Yokohama National University

Also Check MEXT Asia Pacific University Japanese Government Scholarship 2021 (Fully Funded)

MEXT Top Global

A special type of MEXT, which is offered in only Top 37 Universities out of 775 universities in Japan. Also, Professional programs such as MBA are offered in it along with other major programs: CHECK HERE

University Own Scholarships

Dear all, while you are searching for MEXT University recommended scholarships, you must look at universities own scholarships, which are of any types, but we are discussing two types:

Different Scholarships: There are different tuition fee waiver and stipend scholarships, you can visit 775 universities websites in Japan and check if some scholarship posted it is feasible for you, then apply for it. MEXT or JICA or not any other agency will be involved in it. University will be giving you its scholarship by its own fund or some Japanese companies Fund.

Professor Recommended: There are some scholarships in many Japanese Universities that require professor acceptance or consent. So, in any case, do contact professors and also check on university websites if you can apply for find and apply for such scholarships after getting consent from the professor.

You can do now E-learning Courses By Japan Foundation In 15+ Languages

Also Check Kadir Has University Scholarship in Turkey 2021 | BS, MS, PhD

ADB (Asian Development Bank Scholarships)

Asian development bank offers Masters scholarships. Many universities in Japan are on the panel of ADB. But ADB scholarship’s one of the main requirements is: they require at least two or more years of experience after the previous degree to apply for it. They are offered in specific disciplines and programs. Many dates for ADB are open in many Japanese Universities. Check Here 300 Asian Development Bank Japan Scholarship Program 2020 (Fully Funded)

WB (World Bank Scholarships)

These are offered in many universities in Japan for Masters in specific programs under World Bank list of programs and Universities. One of the main requirements of this program is You must have three or more years of experience after a previous degree to apply for it. You can check the World bank website to apply for it and follow the procedures as students are admitted to Japanese universities mostly before the applications of World Bank scholarships are open and later after getting admitted to designated programs and panel universities on World Bank panel, you can check details of Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship 2020-2021 (Fully Funded)

Recommendations Via Universities Channel (Your Target Now)

You open university websites, apply for MS, PhD or MS leading to PhD, which are open now or will open soon. Universities nominate you as their MEXT candidate after their admission procedures and send it to MEXT selection committee for 2021. In Main MEXT selection committee, nominations like you come from other universities as well and they select their final MEXT candidates from all universities nominations, they receive.

So, university MEXT nominations are ON or will ON soon in Japan (Most of them will open with variable dates from August to December 2020). Find universities in Japan using Google and find selection procedure of MEXT and apply there asap and get yourself nominated as MEXT fellow:

Also, Apply For MEXT Scholarship Undergraduate Japan 2021 Fully Funded

What to do About How To Get Scholarship In Japan?

As usual contact professors, and admission offices of universities who are nominating on MEXT, especially PhD and MS leading to PhD and MS guys should contact professors in the same way as you do in case of contacting South Korean Professors, for details read South Korean guides. DO NOT contact the professor in a lame or bad way. You may check these How To Contact Professor For Scholarship. Then after positive responses from professors, apply for admissions through MEXT, and get yourself nominated as MEXT fellow of university.

I hope you win in the final selection as well. If professors DO NOT reply still apply for admissions without professor contact and I hope they will select you for an interview and then you can perform well in the interview. You can use Google to find the universities in Japan and their website links and then check the admission procedures, MEXT procedures there, which will open soon or open now.

Most of the universities in Japan do not require IELTS or TOEFL scores. They just want an English Proficiency certificate from your parent university. Also United States Universities Waived GRE/GMAT Due to COVID-19


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