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Congratulations on your decision to study abroad. We, OD are here to offer guidance and advice to make your student journey optimally satisfying and less daunting. Our experience and expertise can be obtained at each stage of your decision making whether it be the selection of a course or the visa application process. We are confident and committed to offering best-in-class services to fulfill your long-cherished dream of holding a degree from a prestigious foreign University.

Step By Step Guide To Study Abroad

Step-1 Research

In the early stages of your decision to study overseas, it is unlikely that you possess all the relevant details to make decisions in an informed and confident manner. Fortifying your database of courses, universities, and locations can be the first step. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to achieve this objective. Student reviews, ranking of the Universities, identification of popular study locations, and evaluation of the present and future popularity of the subject selected from an employment perspective can be some of the critical factors that can aid you in this direction.

Step 2- Gain Free Assistance and Counseling

The entire spectrum of the student decision-making process is covered through streamlined processes delivering impeccable student satisfaction at every stage of your interaction with a counselor. As a Starting Point, please bring a list of your favorite courses and universities to better assist you in finding the right match. Further, your counselor will guide you through courses, location, and or university-based search process outlining the available options from which one that meets your overall needs and expectations can be selected.

Step 3- Filing of your application

Once you have selected the course and the University, it’s time to make a formal application. Your chances of acceptance are enhanced due to the well-defined nature of our application process crafted out of passion, experience, and most importantly commitment to student satisfaction.

In case you need to take tests to qualify to apply for a course, the preparation process must start early to ensure that test results are ready and applications are made promptly.

Step 4- Acceptance of the offer

You may receive one or multiple offers depending on the number of applications the advisor made on your behalf. While it is your discretion to select the relevant offer based on your needs and expectations, counseling in this regard, if requested, will be provided.  In general, from the date of application, it can take a Few Weeks for universities to process the application. Further, in the case of post-graduate studies, the application processing time can be higher.

Step-5 Visa application

Once you receive the offer letter, the next decisive task is visa application. A Visa application demands meticulous care as each country has its specific requirements.  Some countries may have higher student visa rejection rates such as the United States with a rejection rate of 25.38 in 2019.

Step- 6 Deciding on the place of stay

Location of study is an important consideration for international students and once in the location, the place of stay can be even more important. Multiple factors may be influencing these: easy access to the University, library, recreational facilities, access to town/city, and the facilities thereof, and cost.

In the case of most popular countries like the UK, the United States, and Australia, international students can have a plethora of options for staying. However, some options can be more expensive than others and the expenses can vary substantially between countries, cities, and towns and between the kinds of residence. University Accommodation provides great value in terms of access to facilities like the library and overall access to lecture theatres and student clubs, it can be comparatively more expensive.

Step- 7 Plan Your Journey

By this stage, you should have become relaxed. However, planning the journey properly can ensure that cost is curtailed considerably whether it is concerned with flight fare and selection of accommodation. Moreover, being conversant with entry requirements in the host country and having enough currency within the legally allowed limits to cover your expenses are also some important considerations.

Step- 8 The Much Awaited Journey

Traveling to a foreign land can be fun and adventurous. Nonetheless, critical decisions regarding the weight of the baggage, travel insurance, money, SIM card, and connecting journey from the host country airport to the location of stay you have booked should be cross-checked and confirmed.

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