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Some Pro Tips of IELTS Test! I have taken IELTS recently and thought to clarify the confusion and issues I had faced. IELTS Academic UK, etc. If you want to apply for Fully Funded scholarships in any country then you should take IELTS Academic. British Council or AEO, Both are the test centers through which you can take IELTS, There is no difference in the tests as well. Due to the pandemic British council had delayed the test dates so I had taken IELTS through AEO.

IELTS Computer Based or Paper Based

It depends on the person’s choice, But according to me one should prefer computer-based IELTS as it has more benefits, especially in the writing section, one can easily change and modify one’s essay.

Preparation Time

Well, it may also vary from person to person, but I think after 16 years of education 2 weeks are more than enough, but one must dedicate oneself in its preparation during this period. You can join Online class check here British Council Free IELTS Online Preparation Course 

IELTS Test Overview

There are four sections:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Listening Section

The listening portion has 40 questions organized in 4 sections, I found section third most difficult. You will understand the complete pattern once you take a practice test. One trick they use is that they first try to distract you by speaking some lines given as options, but then say something against them, so if you are not listening closely you will end up in a lot of confusion, so the focus is the key point.


  • Try to read the questions beforehand when the speaker is giving you instructions.
  • Highlight the keywords in options (especially in those which are long)
  • Try to use headphones (not handsfree) when practicing at home.
  • You should concentrate and maintain your focus throughout the test, one random thought and you will miss one of your answers.
  • If you have missed one question then just leave it and focus on the next one, don’t waste your time as it will lead you to lose more marks if your head stucks at the previous one.

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Reading Section

This also has 40 questions. There are 3 passages, 20 minutes for each = total 1 hour.
Try to give the assigned time to each passage i.e. no more than 20 minutes. The most difficult for me was the true, false, not given questions but you can improve them by looking at your mistakes.


There are two techniques:

  • Tech1: Skim and scan
  • Tech 2: And the second one is:

You should choose the technique according to the questions, for instance, if there are questions of “match the headings” then you have to read all the paragraphs to find the best heading, so in this case, you should go for tech 2. But if you have found your answer by reading 1 2 lines of a paragraph, then no need to waste more time on that.
Otherwise, prefer tech 1!

First, try to solve the fill in blanks in a particular passage, as you will be able to answer more questions by reading only one paragraph.

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Writing Section

There are two questions, for 1st one you have to write more than 150 words, and for the second you have to write more than 250 words. The second question has more weightage so more focus should be on that.

Tips Part 1 (>150 words)

It can be a graph, map, process, bar charts, pie charts, etc for academic IELTS. You should write 4 paragraph:

  • Introduction
  • Overall features,
  • you can explain the features introduced in 2nd paragraph.
  • You should make a template for each type especially for the first two paragraphs, it will help you think more clearly while writing and will also save your time. Moreover, you should learn some supporting phrases.

Tips Part 2 (>250 words)

It can be an opinion, discussion, or situation.
Tips: In this part, you should write 4 paragraphs:

  •  Intro (just paraphrase the given statement)
  • Opinion you oppose
  • Opinion you support
  • Conclusion

Again you should make a template especially for the intro and conclusion paragraphs, in the 2nd and 3rd para, you should write in flow like a general statement, then a supporting the sentence followed by a personal experience almost 4 or 5 sentences. Always write more than the given limit for both parts like around 200 for task 1 and around 300 for task 2.

First, make a plan in 5 minutes then start writing, it will not only save time for you but will also bring flow in your writing.

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It has 3 parts:

  • General questions
  • Cue card ( 1 minute for thinking and 2 min for speaking)
  • Discussion questions based on a cue card

Tips of IELTS:

  • Just practice, try to have fluency.
  • Part 1 questions are generally predictable, so try to practice them as much as possible.
  • Even if you don’t have any experience related to the cue card, make your own story. you just have to show that you can speak, there will be no check whether it really had happened with you or not.
  • In the cue card, try to tell around 3 different stories on the same topic, as if you only have one then there are chances that your story will be finished in less than 2 min.
  • In the 2nd part, try to speak on some general topics as well i.e. like if I am telling a story about graphics designing, then 1st I will tell a little about why I do it when I have started doing it, i.e. a Lil off the topic but don’t forget to answer the given questions.

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Practice Technique

Instead of doing 5 tests in one day with no improvement, it’s better to focus on one section each day. Solve the test, mark the incorrect, try again with the same questions, and try to find why didn’t you get the correct answer for the first time, then move on to the next one! As your goal should be to improve yourself.


  • 2 days for listening ( approx. 5 tests each day)
  • The same goes for others acc. to your mental capacity.
  • Try to see at least one video of tips and tricks for each section on YouTube, especially of those sections in which you are losing marks or facing difficulties. For example, you can follow E2 IELTS, Fastrack IELTS, Manjita osta,.. etc. on YouTube.

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Practice Material

  • Just solve Cambridge books, they are enough to practice, do as much as you can, you don’t need to do practice tests, etc available online. If you are taking computer-delivered IELTS then you should take an online test just to know how it works, other than that your focus should be on Cambridge books.
  • Each book has 4 tests (each test has 4 modules speaking, writing, listening, reading), start in the reverse order that is from Cambridge 15.

You may read this article and download material IELTS and TOEFL Preparation Material

Finally don’t be that anxious, just try hard and give your best and Be confident on the test day.


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